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wofrankwo 12-05-2011 3:36 PM

Winter Time Deals
anybody seen or heard about places that are having great sales during winter on boards and stuff? i saw on facebook that california marine sports is having deals on demo boards and stuff on their ebay store. anybody else know of other places that are offering winter discounts on boards or supplies or boat stuff?

12-05-2011 4:25 PM

Performance ski & surf

brewkettle 12-06-2011 4:32 PM

Your offshore hook up.

surffresh 12-06-2011 5:05 PM


Originally Posted by LR3w8kbrdr (Post 1720533)
Performance ski & surf

wakeboards and gear sure, but real wakesurf boards...naaa, they do not carry the real brands that suport the sport

you_da_man 12-06-2011 6:55 PM

I've never seen wakesurf specific companies (Shred Stixx, Inland, Phase 5, TWP, etc) having clearance sales or end of season sales. Would be nice though...I'm looking myself. Seems like only "deals" are found on craigslist for used or barely used boards. Found my Shred Stixx Piranha on craigslist for $200 and it didn't have a scratch on it. However, I did post up on Wakeworld once a couple years ago looking for "closeout" sales or discounts and got a PM from Jerry of Shred Stixx. He hooked me up with a Shred Stixx Thresher for almost half price.

surffresh 12-07-2011 8:23 AM

It's not a mystery why dealers do not want to carry SS when they sell to the public for half price of what they charge dealers. My experience with them and thanks for the proof AJ.

12-07-2011 10:26 AM

Didnt realize u guys were looking for wakesurf boards. Thought by boards meant wakeboards...my bad

getssum 12-07-2011 10:59 AM

Bakes marine is having a 20% off sale, code is THANKS
\But it ends thursday!

wakemitch 12-07-2011 12:17 PM


there are quite a few demos for sale and even some brand new boards discounted. no wakeboard brands

you_da_man 12-07-2011 2:29 PM


Originally Posted by surffresh (Post 1720740)
It's not a mystery why dealers do not want to carry SS when they sell to the public for half price of what they charge dealers. My experience with them and thanks for the proof AJ.

Drew, I'm not one to look for the latest and greatest so the board I was offered was a new board that was leftover (almost two seasons) and current models were already out. I don't think I would have been offered a current year board for the same price I paid for a board almost two seasons old. I figure that profit margin for a board from a surf specific company may be much smaller than for a surfboard made by a wakeboard company and that's probably why we do not see the sales or significant sale discounts. Plus their in-stock im sure is very small on hand so no need for sales to move inventory. I doubt we would ever see even a 25% off code or sale on a major brand surf specific company (not saying it's not possible...just doubt it).

surffresh 12-07-2011 3:37 PM

Glad that you got a deal AJ and I understand what you are saying, thanks for the feedback. the fact of the matter is that the Threaser has been and is still current, best I can tell all that changed was colors, correct me if I'm wrong, hell... it's a great board and my wife's primary ride. I'm just sayin that the leaders in the wakesurf board market don't mess around with undercutting their customer, the dealer, and the public is welcome to buy direct at a retail price plus shipping. It's all good for the consumer but makes for a bad business plan.

brewkettle 12-07-2011 4:24 PM

It can be done, propose a Wakeworld group buy, to the builder of choice. A set # of boards for a delivered price, Of course bottom art would offer the Wakeworld logo.

Chaos 12-08-2011 11:37 AM

In general response, the Thresher model has evolved some (to the casual observer), and a lot (to those that really pick up on details) over it's 5-6 or so year existence as a model. It was first produced in blue and white ('candy kote'). Basically, a clear epoxy laminated board with a opaque surface finish for wear and tear. In 2008 planning, it was decided to produce basically all shred stixx line up in a clear finish (like 99% of the surfboards worldwide) in keeping with our surf lineage. The glossy show room finish was retained, but the board were clear with bottom graphics. Additionally for the Thresher some other models, the overall outline, bottom contours, traction and fins were updated to be more consistent with what we were producing on a custom level. In 2010-2011, the thresher again received minor refinements and the bottom graphic was dropped; an all white board. In 2012, the boards will be rolled out with a matte speed finish that is lighter and 'faster' and consistent with what the SS pro wake surfers ride and what all pro surfers ride.

Year end deals, sales, and dealers. The facts are SS has not carried many dealers/distributors by model. SS is a small company and has not in the past had the staff to properly service and support a large network of dealers. Organic growth was chosen as a model over flooding a market. In my experience in the wake surf and surfing industry, most online dealers purposefully from the get go advertise boards below MSRP. Most look to manufacturers for some sort of additionally deal over their competitors, while some seem to just choose to have lower margins with the hope of driving more volume and other sales traffic through their site.

Old stock, blemishes, demos, etc., are sold off by all manufacturers and dealers at the end of the year or beginning of a new year. And, just like AJ pointed out, there are those boards that were either in a corner of a warehouse and forgotten that are sometimes 2 to 3 years old. It is rare though, at least in my experience.

wofrankwo 12-09-2011 7:56 PM

i just got all new O neil wetsuit, booties, gloves, Psycho 2 for chris from california marine sports ...... took 3 days to get after ordering

i am still almost in disbelief on how amazing the psycho 2 wetsuits are ...... 50 degree water and 50 degree temp ..... sun setting when he got in the water ..... he surfed untill dark ...... he was warmer then i was driving the boat!! he said he never felt the water once and he had no isssues at all with the flexibility of the suit and wearing booties as to the feel of the board!!

this is a kid who gets blue lips in a swimming pool!! we are off to the ocean tomorrow and i have to believe he will have no issues wth any loss of body heat from tonight as to staying in the water tomorrow for at least 3 hours or more!! Shoulda got this gear alot sooner!!!

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