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08-19-2003 7:11 AM

i have been boarding for a couple months now and i am able to do healside and toeside 180's what sould i try next

08-19-2003 9:26 AM

try adding a grab to the end of the 180 and try a 360.

eternalshadow 10-23-2003 1:04 PM

Grab like a mother, stiffy's and variations, variation 180's blinds, grabbed, poked, late, start jumping switch, if you're getting the height, backroll or tantrum, wrap 3's handle 3's. Just go out have fun, and ride big.

canaday 10-23-2003 3:15 PM

spell it heel, not heal

muddyboss 10-24-2003 4:44 AM

Maybe you should try some headgrabs. Or tantrum to faceslaps. They rock.

10-27-2003 7:31 AM

i would grab my 180s w2w and give them some variety and maybe some halfcabs too.

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