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tranner 11-21-2011 4:50 PM

Anyone in Southern California still riding?
I haven't seen anyone from the Southern California area post in a while. Maybe it's too cold already but I want to launch the boat this Wednesday at Elsinore. Any wetsuit owners interested?

deepstructure 11-21-2011 5:10 PM

I can't make Wednesday, but would guess it's not too cold yet to ride in a wetsuit. I was out at Marine Stadium Saturday and it was practically balmy. I was dry-suiting it, but I've trunked colder water than that before easily. Of course, the ocean water doesn't change temperature as much as the inland lakes, so your mileage may vary. :)

tranner 11-22-2011 8:53 AM

I've been thinking about going down the dry suit path myself. Do you think it is worth it or just stick to full suit and cross my fingers for sun and no wind here in Southern California.

stoked_32 11-22-2011 3:50 PM

We haven't been riding because of all the rain we've had every weekend. We actually need a third for dawn patrol on wednesday, but we're all the way up here at castaic so that probably wouldn't work for ya.

GET A DRYSUIT. It will change your world. I can't recommend it highly enough.

tranner 11-22-2011 5:54 PM

Thanks for the offer, John. I have a small crew that is going out with me otherwise I would strongly consider the Castaic offer. Regarding the dry suit, do you wear a life vest over or under it? I have used one before and the air inside floated me well but it would be just my luck that the patrol or cops would on the lake would ask to see my vest and I'd be caught red handed.

stoked_32 11-23-2011 8:31 AM

Our crew wears a vest underneath. We have a lot of friends that don't wear anything under it. However, I've met one guy who said that he fell on a tantrum head first, and all the air went to his legs.

I figure, bottom line, the dry suit wasn't designed to be a flotation device. Don't even bother risking it. There's also the issue with the patrol that you mentioned as well.

You guys ride through the winter? We're always looking to find more people to ride with, especially this time of year. We don't mind driving early.

12-01-2011 7:36 AM

hey im thinking of heading down to california for a week and a half around march how often do you guys ride that time of year?

SDEndurance 12-31-2011 9:04 PM

I'm in san diego and would def be down to be a 3rd or 4th in lake elsinore or anywhere reasonably close to san diego. I have gas money, awesome action photo taking, and can help drive if needed.

wakerhonkey 01-01-2012 7:02 PM

Hey guys, do you make it out sundays or mondays? I'm more than ok with pitching in for gas, cleaning the boat, and can drive as well. I'm in the Burbank area, so Elsinore would be a quick trip.

bbr 01-01-2012 7:43 PM

John, you guys are crazy riding so early in the morning in winter. Rode BV today and it was real nice.

USCWakeboarders 02-07-2012 8:32 PM

Were still riding and always looking for people in the LA area to ride with. If you ever want to take out a few USC riders definitely hit us up! We pay more than our fair share in gas and will of course return the favor.


brettw 02-21-2012 8:09 AM

I ride in San Diego in Mission Bay almost every week unless it's raining or been raining, so if anyone is available sometimes during the week in the mornings, let me know. I usually ride a hydrofoil (airchair) these days.

As for the drysuit, I wear a hybrid - the Oneill Assault. I would highly recommend it. It's still tight through your waste and baggie on top, so you don't have to worry about the air going to your legs and it's nice to have it tight around your waste down through your legs. The only downside is on some nasty falls, you can still get some water in through the neck and arms. I usually wear a thin wetsuit top underneath vs. a sweatshirt for when that happens.

sixeye 02-24-2012 6:44 PM

Have to agree with John, a dry suit will be a great investment. You'll be able to ride all winter long. Haven't heard of the hybrid Brett speaks of. Interesting!

WakesurfSanDiego 03-12-2012 3:27 AM

Looking for a pull in So. Cal
Looking for wakesurf pull in San Diego, Perris, Elsinore, El Cap, Mission Bay, or anywhere in Southern California. I can bring a buddy to make 3... Happy to drive & pay plenty of gas $$. Also happy to bring ballast and teach people how to wakesurf on your 23' or 24' boat. Call Marco at 619-518-300 one.

jblinzler 03-19-2012 5:01 PM

Looking for a pull this week
Just checking to see if anyone needs a third this week. I'm looking to ride any week day tuesday-thursday. will, clean, drive coach or listen to coaching and of course put in for gas.

email me J_blinzler@yahoo.com

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