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h20king 11-18-2011 6:54 AM

Custom Soulcraft build for the wife
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If any of you have ever tried to find a surf style board for your wife you know their is not much out there.Well soulcraft to the rescue.I contacted Jeff and discussed design ideas for a board made just for a woman.What we came up with I think is one of the coolest looking shapes I have ever seen.My wife is 5'2" and a 105 LBS so we picked a board length of 4'4" with a 2 3/4" rocker.The mid section was reduced to 19" so the board would be super fast edge to edge for her. A diamond nose which I think is a first for soulcraft was added which works with the rocker to help with pearling because my wife tends to ride front foot heavy.To finish off the shape the new Fang Tail was added.We have some custom art work picked for the board as well as a couple extra custom features which I will post later as progress is made on the board.Jeff is truly a master shaper and I'm sure my wife will love her soulcraft as much as I love mine.

drnate 11-18-2011 6:59 AM

That is looking nice Harold! Wow, that board is tiny. But I love the shape, though. Very unique, for sure

h20king 11-18-2011 7:20 AM

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Nate ill post on the crew later I was having trouble posting this morning.The board is small but so is my wife and I'm sure it will work great for her. I love the shape and want one my size now.LOL

you_da_man 11-18-2011 2:47 PM

Very nice of you to get your lady a custom board. That's what I think wakeboating is all about...good times with your significant other. I too am thinking about getting my lady friend her own custom board. She's 5'4" and 125lbs. She currently rips up my Shred Stixx Thresher. She's actually getting very small airs once or twice per day we are out. Looking at getting her a Shred Stixx Custom or Hazen built but I've been seeing more and more about Soulcraft. Might even look at the Flyboy for giggles.

h20king 11-19-2011 2:13 PM

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Making progress here is the board taped off waiting for color to be added to the rails

h20king 11-19-2011 6:05 PM

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The rails have color we went with black rails which I think looks sick and brings out the shape of the board

ilikebeaverandboats 11-19-2011 7:05 PM

that board is SWEET!

h20king 11-21-2011 6:01 PM

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More progress the fins are in. Next comes the layups and the carbon fiber reinforcement.I love the looks of this board and watching it all come together is giving me a serious case of board envy LOL

h20king 12-01-2011 8:11 PM

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Here are some updated pics.This thing is bad A$$ I decided we wanted two carbon fiber strips so I spent some time talking with Jeff and decided to go with one inch strips.I love the look it reminds me of the stripes on the sixties muscle cars.I have seen plenty of awesome boards that Jeff has made but the shape of this board is my favorite so far.Everything just flows together.The layups are done and the board is almost ready to go out for custom art. We chose the red and black soulcraft logo to go with the natural white and black edges.I cant wait to see my wifes face when she finds this under the tree.Jeff is a great guy and has been a blast to work with.If any of you are thinking of going custom the off season is the time to do it

ragboy 12-02-2011 2:24 AM

I really dig that look, with the black. Very cool looking.

Soulcraft 12-02-2011 8:48 AM

Thanks guys... This board has been a absolute pleasure to build.... Working with H20 is alway a great experiance too... I can't wait to see Sarah ride it..

tmill 12-02-2011 10:44 AM

another awsome soal craft board
Everytime you post up another baord build i am in awe.

h20king 12-03-2011 2:19 PM

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Top lamination and hot coat are done sanding and and art still to come once the board cures.Jeff has outdone himself this time the board just keeps getting better and better

ragboy 12-03-2011 3:21 PM

That really is sick lookin.

h20king 12-03-2011 3:26 PM

Thanks Robert I'm sure the wife will love it.On another note hoping to make it down to the Cali event in may I think with Don,Rodger and Tony.It will be nice to finally meet

ragboy 12-03-2011 3:36 PM

Yes, most definitely. The spring event is going to be great, got lots of stuff planned. Make sure you bring the wife and the new board.

Soulcraft 12-03-2011 6:41 PM

The Spring event is a blast, We'll difinitely be there...

wakemitch 12-03-2011 7:06 PM

Such a cool looking board!

I cant wait for the West Coast Wakesurf Open!!

wakebrdjay 12-04-2011 9:24 AM

That board looks bad ass very nice job.

wakebrdjay 12-04-2011 9:28 AM

Oh your wife knows nothing of you doing this?Damn,I have a feeling you're going to have a good Christmas night,very nice gift.

wakebrdjay 12-04-2011 9:30 AM

Is she banned from WW til after Xmas morning? LOL

h20king 12-04-2011 9:55 AM

Yep banned from WW and the crew til after Xmas.I bought her a Shredstixx Rebeca Ort last year for Xmas which she has been riding OK. But I could tell by watching her ride it that it was holding her progression back.Soulcraft was an easy choice once I rode one I had to have one and have not rode any of my other boards since so I'm sure my wife will feel the same way.I really enjoy working with Jeff some how he is able to listen to my ideas and build the board exactly the way I imagined it.We are looking foreword to the west coast open.These types of events are always filled with good times and good people.......................H

h20king 12-10-2011 10:40 AM

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Just got a pic of the custom art I had done for the wifes board.Big thanks to Jeff at soulcraft and Chelsie at bright eye concepts they are a great team.I think her art is amazing.I come up with some wild ideas and they come through every time with something amazing.My wife is going to flip when she sees this thing.

h20king 12-10-2011 4:12 PM

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Here are some more pics of the board getting a layer of cloth over the art which will help protect it and make the board more durable

ilikebeaverandboats 12-10-2011 6:14 PM

Very cool board!! If you don't mind me asking, how much did that baby set you back? Feel free to pm me if you would rather.

h20king 12-11-2011 11:47 AM

Joey I think Jeff's prices are more than fair and are the best value on the market so I don't mind sharing. A custom hand shaped board to your specs in a natural white finish is $625 The carbon strips were another $40 and the custom art was another $65 for a total of $730.Take into consideration you get a one of a kind ridable piece of art and that a mass produced made in china inland flyboy will set you back $799 its easy to see its the best value on the market at least in my opinion.

h20king 12-17-2011 6:03 AM

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Here are a couple pics of the finished board awaiting the custom traction

sd_wakesports 12-17-2011 6:14 AM

Another great looking board from Jeff @ Soul Craft!

tonyv420 12-20-2011 8:05 PM

that is sweet! love the graphics!

h20king 12-26-2011 9:33 AM

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Couple pics of the board safe and sound with the traction installed no thanks to fed x.I definitely think white was the right choice for this board and worth waiting for.Pics do not do this board justice it is absolutely beautiful and it totally made my wifes Christmas.Jeff definitely hit it out of the park on this build

ragboy 12-26-2011 12:13 PM

Love the artwork man, very cool. Let us know how it rides.

h20king 12-26-2011 1:34 PM

Thanks Robert I'm sure it will make the trip to the west coast open.Do we need to make camping reservations and register or can we just show up??

tonyv420 12-27-2011 11:10 AM

you can just show up and pick a spot by the lake. We dont stay in the actual campground. They let us camp by the venue, close to the lake. No hook ups though. Maybe we can carpool down. Is Sarah going or will it be a boys weekend out?

tonyv420 12-27-2011 11:11 AM

My wife is going to kill me if I go again without her LOL. If Sarah is going that would be cool for Kristy!

h20king 12-27-2011 5:57 PM

Tony wherever I go my partner in crime goes as well

tonyv420 12-28-2011 1:57 PM

cool, I hope I can talk Kristy into going also. She has been talking about surfing all winter!!

ragboy 12-29-2011 3:29 PM

Sorry guys, out for a couple of days. The Open will be on May 18-20. We will have an updated page and info up on the site next week, can't wait, going to be a blast. There are no reservations needed, we take over a whole cove and the grassy shore around it, you just camp right on the lake. They are not normal campgrounds if that makes sense. We have some great stuff planned and we are also working on something else for 2012 that I think will blow many minds. 2012 is going to be a fun year.

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