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grant_west 10-25-2011 7:04 PM

Nest Learning thermostat
This thing looks pretty cool.

ralph 10-25-2011 8:04 PM

That is super cool but I shudder to think how many support calls we would get as the home owner learns how to use the thermostat. One thing you learn in the HVAC industry is people are dumb when it comes to control systems.....

This is the stat we distribute to NZ, has a touch ring like an IPOD and a blue illuminated back ground, they have that IPOD quality feel like most apple products:
But no learning function or internet connectivity.

smitty1258 10-25-2011 10:28 PM

seems cool. BUT #1 how much is a nest account ganna cost a month, to check your stuff and control from other devices, and Im not sure I would actually save energy using this thing since I keep my family as close to frozen as they can take. :D
My wife would always be adjusting the learning curve!

buffalow 10-26-2011 7:29 AM

Looks ok, but as Darren says, homeowners are not the smartest when it comes to this stuff. I have put the Honeywell Wireless Zone system in my house. It is crazy simple, the whole family can use it and saves money. It is something a contractor has to install, but well worth the money. As far as I am concerned, anything that can save energy AND be in our industry is good. Most of the products in our industry are still based on 50 year old technology.

grant_west 10-26-2011 9:40 AM

They said they did a study and they said 90% of people don't know how or Don't program their Thermostat.
MYSELF included. My Thermostat is hella complicated. Thats where this one is trying to grab customers.

The Nest was designed by the Godfather of the I-pod. It has a click wheel and works very much like a I-pod.

Much of the "Programing" is somthing the Nest Learns by the way you use it. You adjust it and it learns that's the way you like your temps set.

It has a proxcimity/motion sen and can tell if your home and adjust's the temp up or down depending if your home or not.

I was told the Nest account/app was free,

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