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h20king 10-23-2011 2:59 PM

New soulcraft fang tail
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Found this on facebook.It looks like soulcraft has a new design in the works.Super stoked on the soulcraft boards I have tried many different boards and so far the soulcraft are my favorite keep up the good work guys.Here is the pic from facebook and a link to a video of Jimmi Sparling riding it

getssum 10-23-2011 6:09 PM

Just in time for Halloween!

malibu 10-23-2011 8:02 PM

I had the pleasure of hanging out in the boat while Jimmi surfed a couple of weekends ago here in Idaho. He is so much fun to watch on Jeff's SoulCraft boards. I bet the water temp at Lucky Peak where the video was shot was a little cool! I can't wait until next Spring so I can surf again.

wakebrdjay 10-23-2011 8:51 PM

What boat was he behind in the vid?

Soulcraft 10-24-2011 8:12 AM

Thanks Everyone.. Sure do miss you surfing with us Sue...

@ Jay that is a 08 Enzo with a liitle extra weight lol..

vman 10-24-2011 10:36 AM

Jeff. Great video. What are the specs of the board Jimmi is riding. Would love to hear the feedback from him.

tonyv420 10-24-2011 11:34 AM

Nice Riding Jimmi !! How am I ever gonna decide which Soulcraft to get????

malibu 10-24-2011 2:03 PM


Sure do miss you surfing with us Sue...
Thanks Jeff.
I'll keep working hard at physical therapy, so I can surf with you guys this Spring. Of course I won't be quite as good as Jimmi with all this time off!

h20king 10-24-2011 6:17 PM

Tony thats easy just do what I'm doing and get one of each LOL .I'm currently working with Jeff to come up with something special for the wife

Soulcraft 10-24-2011 7:09 PM

The boards spec's are 4'8" x 20" x 15/8" Jimmi's on a trip but I'll have him chime in when he's back.
Tony, Harold has the right Idea lol...
I'll post more pic's as soon as the new Hydro Turf traction comes in.
Sue i'll call when we go out again this weekend alway nice to have you on the boat...

bigshow 10-25-2011 6:13 PM

Jeff, I had a change to ride a couple of your boards at the Polar Bear. You make nice boards.

Rob17 10-25-2011 8:35 PM

Jeff, I too had a chance to ride a variety of your boards at the event. They were all enjoyable. It was my first introduction to them and was defineatly impressed. I sure did like the Jetty I believe it is called. 4'6". WOW, What a ride!!!!!!!!!

Soulcraft 10-26-2011 7:38 AM

Thank you Guys, I really appreciate the kind words....

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