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hookedonboardin 10-19-2011 5:51 PM

Wetsounds XS 65 vs Polk MM651 UM
So my cousin is redoing the interiors on his 94 Sport Nauty and looking for a little more umff. He currently is running Polk Db651 but 1 driver stopped and a tweeter blew on the other.

I think the XS 650 would be more of a direct comparison, but the .5inch more the Xs650 requires vs the Xs 65 and the Polk Mm661 Um will require modds. We tried putting a spacer on but it still looks like a giant nipple sticking out.

So curious which way we should lean. While I know the wattage on the Polk Mm651Um is 100rms and the Xs 65 is 65rms not sure if wattage is only factor. I think the Polks may also have a bigger tweeter being 1 inch but I am not sure. He will be pushing them with a Syn 4 running 2 speakers per channel on the front thus showing 2ohm load with 200 watts end being split so 100watts per speaker at 2 ohms.

Just surious on what others think about which speaker to go with.

chpthril 10-19-2011 6:26 PM

Both the 650 and 65 both require a 5.0" cutout. Since you are going with a Syn4, I would go with the XS-650 over the XS-65.

With that said, they all have their own unique signature sound, so get a listen to them both properly powered. Go with the ones that your ears like the best.

hookedonboardin 10-19-2011 9:00 PM


It's not the cutout size its the depth........the XS650's are .5 of an inch deeper than both.

As far as listening......... no one in the area has these powered up. Marine audio is a special order scenario here. I could get my hands on some different tower speakers as people in the area and dealers have them........... however inboats are a different story.

wetsounds1 10-20-2011 6:39 AM


If he really wants to run the XS-650 and depth is an issue. Have you thought about adding an LED speaker ring. This will space the speaker off, while also adding a really cool effect and not like a nipple as you described if using just a plain spacer. The XS-65 is a great all around speaker and a great upgrade. The Polk is a nice speaker as well and has a nice sound. However, the XS-650 is a monster. It has tons of mid bass and can play very loud and clean. And you have the power with the SYN-4 to really rock them out. We do demo’s in our boat with the sub’s off just playing the 5 pairs of XS-650 and people think there is a sub playing because of the mid bass punch. We have 4 pairs running of a SYN-4 in the back and the bow pair off a SYN-Micro.

Wet Sounds

brett564 10-28-2011 12:30 AM

I'm being selfish because I was actually comparing the exact same speakers for myself so...


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