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wakeboarder4lif 08-18-2003 8:24 PM

Any of you guys been riden much latly? What you guys been up to? <BR> <BR> Rob Corum

morribd 08-19-2003 12:08 AM

Any riders in the AUBURN, Alabama area??

uga33 08-19-2003 5:02 AM

I ride at Lake Martin usually every big holiday. The in laws have place up Blue creek.

jcjordan 08-19-2003 5:51 AM

i ride on lake jordan. looking for a few more people to ride with. got a place near holiday shores.

jroyal 08-19-2003 6:28 AM

What's up Josh? I met you at the waterfall this past weekend.

jcjordan 08-19-2003 6:43 AM

doing pretty good. nice to meet you. maybe we can do some riding sometime.

blind5 08-19-2003 8:01 AM

hey what's up fellas. sorry i've been gone out of the state for a little while, but back know. I fide on Lake Mitchell but go to Lake Martin just about every weekend just to chill so if any of you guys see me out there just wave me down. <BR> <BR>Jeff did you get my e-mail?

jroyal 08-19-2003 8:55 AM

Josh, I'll be up there this weekend. However, Saturday, I'll be playing boat driver for my son's birthday party.......then gotta leave and go to BAR ball that night. If I can see straight Sunday, I'll be back up and boarding some Sunday afternoon. I ride in your area and know what you boat looks like. I'll be looking for you. <BR> <BR>Rob, wassup? Check your e-mail. I replied. Been riding that kicker? <BR> <BR>BTW, Rob/Brian, like the name of the post much better than wakeboarding around the gump! <BR>

blind5 08-19-2003 1:55 PM

Jeff i still haven't put a surface on that kicker yet, my dad told me that if i put it in the water and got it floating good than he would buy the surface. i guess i'm gonna have to buy it. <BR> <BR>Thanks man

morribd 08-19-2003 7:58 PM

Hey Jeff! Why do you have to be joking my name choice for the discussion group. I thought it was creative. O well, no sleep lost here. <BR> <BR>Rob-how is school..... Ran into Preston yesterday and got his number and found out that I know a guy that works up at the shop with you, Stephen. His older sister is pretty hot. <BR> <BR>

blind5 08-19-2003 8:20 PM

ya stephen is a pretty cool guy. what did preston have to say?

karpedmm 08-19-2003 9:26 PM

I go to the University of Alabama and would love to go out anytime. I live in Tuscaloosa so if anyone boards around here I would love to go. <a href="mailto:burge003@bama.ua.edu">burge003@bama.u a.edu</a>

blind5 08-20-2003 8:49 AM

hey jason i live about a hour and a half away from t-town. but i do know some guys that that go to bama that ride. i'd give you a pull if you make the trip.

karpedmm 08-20-2003 3:12 PM

I just started A University of Alabama wakeboard team. If you could give the guys my number I would appreciate it. 2057524263

blind5 08-22-2003 9:49 AM

my boat is still in the shop so don't know but might be up at chiminy rock sat. about 4:00 so if any of you guys are up there i've got a white and red super air, but watch out cause there's two of them up there, our will be the one with a couple of belmont dna's on it

jroyal 08-22-2003 11:04 AM

Rob, I'll be on Jordan Saturday but might be on Martin on Sunday. You going to be up there then or just Saturday?

blind5 08-22-2003 8:20 PM

don't know yet my friend preston has a place over there and we will either be riding there or at my house

bamaboarder 08-23-2003 9:14 AM

What's up guys? Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long. I moved and just got the old computer up and going again. We ended up not moving to lake jordan - long story - but we are still in Millbrook and still ride and jordan most of the time. I won't be able to ride this weekend -still unpacking - but we will be on jordan next Sunday and Monday. Got a date with the Tide next Saturday. Sorry Brian but ROLL TIDE!! Okay I feel better now, I'll try to control that as much as possible.

blind5 08-25-2003 8:20 PM

hell ya got the boat out of the shop and its runnin great i just wish my riding was the same seems like i can't learn anything so close on that batwing to blind but just can't land it. what about you guys anything new?

morribd 08-26-2003 11:30 AM

I am learning some little new things. Grabbing everything! Got my HS 180 down and now trying to hit it with a method grab. Hey Rob, tried a HS FS 3 this past weekend and was so close, but couldn't come up with the handle, but I landed them just no handle. That is the neatest feeling in the world! We need to give Preston a call. Have you figured out what that thing is on Chad's boat?? O yeah, we need to call Preston up and go ride soon.

blind5 08-26-2003 8:39 PM

brian get on the trampoline and start learning that handle pass. and yeah i found out what that thing is.

jroyal 08-27-2003 8:03 AM

Sorry, been away for a while. What are you guys doing for Labor Day weekend? Our lake house on Jordan is getting demolished this week (to make way for a new one) so we'll be lake-homeless. We're thinking of venturing up to Martin.....to see the crowds. Probably won't ride much......just hang out. Anyone going to be up there on Sunday/Monday (Going to be at Auburn/USC game on Saturday.) <BR> <BR>Chad's 04 already here? What color is it? I talked to Josh's father in the Ski Club and he told me that Josh had bought Chad's old boat.

blind5 08-27-2003 8:38 AM

jeff i have to help my sister move this weekend but we will propably be out there on martin monday. no chad has not goten his boat yet for the colors go to correctcraft.com and his is the cover boat for the 210 ya thats right lime green and gray! watch out!

jroyal 08-27-2003 11:24 AM

Rob, hopefully I'll see you there on Monday. As far as Chad's boat.....sweet ride. Do you know when he expects to receive it? I'd like to get a look at it.

jroyal 08-27-2003 11:26 AM

I heard that the water is going to be let down on Jordan for two weeks this year. Does anyone know any definate dates?

blind5 08-28-2003 7:41 PM

Hey jeff got a change in plans, i'm gonna stay up here on mitchell for this weekend. fot some friends coming down so it should be fun. <BR> <BR>as far as chad's boat it should come in a couple of weeks to a month. not long <BR> <BR>they are going to let the water down on mitchell mid september i think don't hold me to it. so jordan should be right around there. I'll try to find out for you

morribd 08-28-2003 7:45 PM

Hey Rob, you gonna be up here in Auburn for the game this weekend? What are your plans for Sunday? <BR>

jroyal 08-29-2003 6:47 AM

Rob, I found out Jordan is going to be down September 10th through the 24th. <BR> <BR>Het Brian, I'll be in Auburn on Saturday. I'm going to be there about noon. I'll be tailgating in the scholarship parking on the west side of the stadium. If you want to come by, shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you my cell number.

jcjordan 08-29-2003 6:48 AM

the water will be let down from september 10-24 about 4-6 feet is what i have been told.

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