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bmr82 10-18-2011 6:38 PM

Looking for Pull Near Jacksonville, NC
I will be in Jacksonville next week, most likely form wednesday through saturday. Looking for a pull. Experienced driver, will give gas money and help clean. Would be myself plus one noobie who may or may not ride. message me or email rogersbm82@yahoo.com

ndh2o 10-19-2011 4:45 AM

I think this may be a difficult request. Tons of wakeboarders in NC, but don't know a single one in that area.

I will be out of town that Fri/Sat, but could possibly hook you up on that Wed or Thurs. with a boat pull, but I am almost 2 hrs NW of there. If your schedule would allow you to be here about 5:00, then we can make it happen. But daylight is limited, and that's a lot of driving for you for a short ride time.

You could try to contact someone at the UNC-Wilmington wake club (facebook maybe). The Cape Fear River there is one of the greatest places in the state to ride.

Best option, but again a drive - The East Coast Wake Park in Greenville, NC. They have a Sesitec 2.0 cable with 4-5 obstacles in one lake, and a larger rail lake pulled with PWC. They also have an Axis A22 that he offers boat pulls with, on what will guaranteed to be miles of pure butta.

Good luck, let me know if I can help with more info, contact info, or if you want to take me up on the boat pull.

bmr82 10-19-2011 2:42 PM

on wednesday or thursday I will be driving back from Pax river , MD to Jacksonville. I will have nothing but time as I will not be working after that.

bmr82 10-19-2011 3:18 PM

Just saw on your profile we have the same boat.. that would be sick.

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