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sidekicknicholas 10-10-2011 1:45 PM

Vacation/Business = Write-off?!
Just a quick question about trying to write off some of a trip I'll be taking...

I had a Vegas trip planned for Jan 11th - 18th 2012.... during this time the CES will be going on, I have a pass for "Engineering / R&D" which I can directly relate to work.

While the trip will be 95% booze, gambling, and chaos I plan on stopping by CES just to see all the neat gizmos that are up-and-coming.

Since I can relate this to work (although not required) is there any way I can write off part of my food/flight/hotel? .... If so what proof would I need that it was "for work"


acurtis_ttu 10-10-2011 2:38 PM

I'm assuming you don't own your own business...or you would be writing it off. IF you w-2 somwhere, unless you spend alot on meals/entertainment...it's nto even worh the hassle of writing off as you probaaly wont' exceed the threshold ( that's assuming you itemize now)

As far as proof...you dont' need anythiing unless you get audited, lol. there are guidlines as to what you need online. simple stuff, reciept and business purpose.

Just claim a bit mroe on charitable contributions this year:) it's alot easier and will help you out a bit more.

jeff359 10-11-2011 6:56 AM

I tried to write off my SEMA expenses last year. Who doesn't love a Vegas tax break. It didn't work out to much on the taxes. Adam hit it, Charitable contributions are easy and work!

sidekicknicholas 10-11-2011 7:08 AM


Charitable contributions are easy and work!
I've got a few of those so far... with a closet clean-out coming up too... so goodwill will get a nice pile of stuff so that'll help too.

Just figured if I knew I was traveling and/or staying in Vegas for free it would be easier to justify going a little more crazy while there.

baitkiller 10-11-2011 7:47 AM

On that topic i was wondering if i stopped off say at Tommys or any other dealer and gave a free seminar while in Denver i could write off my ski trip travel? I am guessing I can deduct my air fair and a few other expenses. When you are self employed your schedule C can get a little.... creative....

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