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hogger 10-09-2011 5:53 PM

How to hang waterski's and wakeboards for display
I have some old waterski's and wakeboards that I want to hang up, and I'm not sure how to do it.
I want them to be vertical.
I don't want to put any holes in them, or screw through them.
I would prefer it to look as though they are floating on the wall, so no visible hooks, brackets, etc... If possible.

Anyone done this? Any ideas?

mc_x15 10-10-2011 2:36 PM

They make those little metal circular "clips" essentially 2 disks that screw together that would squeeze the board then have a post on the back that mounts to the wall. Use to use them to hang thick plastic posters at tradeshows. Would prob work for a snowboard or wakeboard. You would put them on either side.


Maybe make alittle shelf to sit them on and lean them against the wall. Maybe 2 small finishing nails on either side so they dont fall side to side.

Hope this helps.

bcrider 10-11-2011 10:07 AM

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I have a metal bracket I made to mount a snowboard on the wall. Then I just used the binding holes to mount it to the bracket which works fine if you want to show the bottom but you have to get a bit more creative to have the top show. I will be making a new bracket soon as I want to mount my old B-Side to the wall and want to have the top on display. Attached is what I am thinking of making and the snowboard in my living room. I made the last one out of 1" flat bar from home depot. I know a guy that can do some welding so I had him just weld a couple spots. You could probably just bolt the thing together as well.

hogger 10-11-2011 10:56 AM

I've got the wakeboards figured out.
I'm using a sleeve, actually a rolled pin that is 2" long, and I'll put a screw through the fin holes on the board, then through the sleeve, and into a stud in the wall. The sleeve will give the board the separation from the wall.
Probably have to use a washer against the drywall so the pin doesn't sink into it.

wazzy 10-11-2011 11:01 AM

We used to hang snowboards in the shop with strong fishing line. Put a binding bolt in (or 2) in the insert(s) to tie the line to. Or you could use the fin holes...

There was a company a friend of mine used to rep that made displays that you could use. They worked with grid wall & scissored around the edges of the board. You would see the 4 black rubber bumpers that touched the boards edges, but thats it. (I can't think of the name of the company, maybe I can dig it up)

wazzy 10-11-2011 11:02 AM

Some snowboard reps use guitar holders too. Although they are not super stable with a board on it.

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