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jaegermaster 10-06-2011 6:06 PM

Pretty amazing North Shore Mountain Biking
I thought some of you might enjoy this. These guys are amazing. I wonder how the aerial shots were done?


wakeboardingdad 10-06-2011 9:39 PM

Very cool. I like the move at 2:04. The scenery is unreal! Thanks for sharing and yes, the last aerial shot displayed the nice video budget they had for the shoot.

hatepain 10-07-2011 2:52 PM

That was awesome! They ripped that course effortlessly.

waajusshappened 10-07-2011 7:26 PM

Nice mt biking porn! Thanks

deltagrubber 10-12-2011 10:39 AM

Nice shoot, who has time on their hands to build this stuff??? Possibly on a zip line for aerial shots?? This looked more like the PNW up in BC than North Shore, but what do I know.....
I'm goin go ride Santa Cruz............

kyle_L 10-17-2011 7:49 AM

Damn. The only thing that sucks about this video is that you know it would take about 10 years to get that good on a bike to shred a course like that. Assuming they are around an advanced/expert wakeboarder if you were to make the comparison.

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