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mc_x15 10-06-2011 7:58 AM

So im getting married next June and am trying to find a place to Honeymoon. Been to the Caribbean and Europe few times so been trying to think of something different. Been thinking about Bora Bora but dont know many people who have traveled there. Anybody have any recommendations on where to stay. Also how is it? It looks amazing from pics but from my experience that can very deceiving. Im thinking one of the over the water bungalos. Anyhelp would be great.

Or if anyone else has any similiar places to go i am pretty open to ideas. I have a lot of time to plan so trying to make it as perfect as possible.

Oh and by no means am I rich but I have been saving like crazy so im willing ot spend extra on some luxury.


jason_ssr 10-06-2011 8:27 AM

What kind of trip do you want this to be? Not everyone has the same vision of an ideal honeymoon. Some want an adventure, while others want lazy indulgence. What is you and your spouses idea of the ultimate honeymoon? You want the adrenaline pumping non-stop, or do you want to disappear for a couple weeks? While some dream of epic once in a lifetime adventure, for others, the thought of going somewhere and doing absolutely nothing sounds heavenly. Big on touristy stuff, or want something off the path? I say, decide on the vibe first them pick from places that match it. how long will you be away?

Bora Bora seems like a good place to disappear. It is a popular place so it will be somewhat touristy. Quite a bit of travel as well, so if you arent staying long it may not be worth it.

mc_x15 10-06-2011 11:29 AM

We are looking for more of the relaxation/disapear type of trip with the option to go on day tours or similiar. Maybe visit a cool waterfall or take a boat ride to a cool spot, snorkling or sailing, that type of thing. But for the most part looking for a luxury style room with some cool amenities like a hot tub or private pool, and great views are a must. We generally get a cheaper room because we dont spend much time in it, but this time im thinking being more around the room so would like it to be more suite style. Kind of have our heart set on the over water bungalows but would be interested in some more options if they were worth it. Also would like something to do at night. Doesnt have to be rockin but maybe a some nice restaurants or some bars on or off the resort area, live music or shows. We will probably stay for 10 days if we can afford it. Also ill be flying from the east coast so I know that will add to the flight. But im not against long flights. From what I understand Bora Bora is about 13-14 hrs from EWR or JFK airport with a few stops.

But I am open to other options if someone had a great time elsewhere. We are just looking for something new and amazing.

migs 10-06-2011 11:34 AM


guido 10-06-2011 11:43 AM

Bora Bora is very slow, so don't count on much nightlife. That was kind of a let down for me.

The upsides: It's absolutely gorgeous. Definitely a bucket list kind of place to go. You really have to experience it. Waking up to nothing but water is awesome. We couldn't see any land through the glass door at the end of our bed. Really cool. It felt like you were on a boat.

We also went on our honeymoon. The travel is intense. It took us 3 flights, a boat ride and a bus ride to get to our resort. Not the end of the world, but something to keep in mind.

Once we were there we sailed daily, snorkled, swam in the ocean, hiked and had a pretty lazy time on the beach. We stayed at Club Med. Not sure they're even there anymore. When we were there Bloody Mary's was closed for vacation. That kinda sucked as it's really one of the only resteraunts on the island. Food was OK at our resort, but the drinks were kinda lame. Bartending was lax. I ended up making a lot of my own drinks because they didn't know how to make them (simple stuff like bloody mary's and martini's). Again, not the end of the world. I would have liked to had a few night life spots to hang out at for a change of pace. We ended up meeting another couple and partied with them a few times.

If I did it again I might stay in Tahiti for a few days to get that experience. There is a lot more going on there.

Oh, and keep in mind it's a tropical place. It rained about 4 out of 10 days that we were there. It took a slow pace and almost stopped it. I like to read when I'm on vacation, so we ended up spending hours in the bar reading and drinking beer. It was pretty chill. I kind of enjoyed it.

psudy 10-06-2011 11:47 AM


10-06-2011 12:31 PM

Fiji or Meditteranean would be my choice. Wish we wouldnt of had the crowds we had on our honeymoon down at the Atlantis but fiji was too far and hawaii for that matter toi at the time. http://tapatalk.com/mu/a689080b-01cc-0605.jpg

imx 10-07-2011 3:46 AM

Take a look at El Questro station in the Kimberleys, Western Australia. Few days there, then head over to the East coast for a bit more nightlfe oriented time.

mc_x15 10-07-2011 5:36 AM

Evan thanks for the detailed response, that is exactly the info i needed. May have to rethink Bora Bora. 10 days may be a little to long to just lie around. Dont get me wrong i love the lazy beach lifestyle when i have the opportunity to go out at night,. Without that option it may be a little to lazy.

Austrailia and Fiji were my forst choices but its just a little to far.

spf2275 10-07-2011 6:33 AM

Positano, Italy has been our best vacation to date. We stayed at the Le Sirenuse. Look it up, it's amazing. Family run mansion built into the cliff side. All you can see is water from your hotel room because you're hanging off a cliff. From Positano you can day trip to The Isle of Capri, Almafi, Sorrento and Pompeii quite easily. The food is great everywhere you go. The culture is awesome. Only negative is it's rather expensive. http://tapatalk.com/mu/4c61112a-ff62-13ee.jpghttp://tapatalk.com/mu/4c61112a-ff83-29c9.jpgview from the roomhttp://tapatalk.com/mu/4c61112a-ffb8-2ffa.jpgview off the balcony.

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snowslider76 10-07-2011 8:28 AM

I did a Bora Bora trip as well and I'd say Evan is spot on, the place is crazy beautiful!! Super laid back and zero night life, I'll admit I got restless. We kinda did the same thing, swim, snorkel, chill ect.. We stayed at the four seasons, resort was awesome, I didn't have the drink problems but mostly drink beer anyway. If you do go make sure to go to the coral gardens snorkeling and don't take a guided tour, talk to your concierge and have him direct you to a boat captain. The guy we had was awesome he gave us bait fish and would reach into the coral and pull out these crazy fish to eat out of our hands. The amount of crazy colorful fish blew me away, the coral itself was pretty over hyped some cool pinks and purples but the fish where crazy legit. If I did it again I'd do what Evan suggests and spends some time in Tahiti, only problem is the travel time and cost. If you're straight baller and can afford a helicopter to get you between the two do it:D

We did our honeymoon in Kauai and I thought it was super legit, there is some night life but not a ton, mostly stuff going on at the resorts. We had a beach side room, is it super private not really but they may have that I just wasn't looking for it. For sure they have private houses on the beach to rent I just didn't look into um. Kauai is super small you can drive the entire populated area in under 40 minutes. They have some great waterfalls and canyons to check out, fishing, for sure do a heli tour. The surfing is outstanding and the locals are friendly enough to tell you the right spots, some where for sure beyond my skill set and freaked me out. We rented a jeep CJ and had the top down the entire time, there are a few beaches you can drive up and down, make sure you let some air out of the tires or you'll get stuck. They have one of the top 50 rated golf courses in the world where I got my first legit eagle, we went after 2pm and it was only $250 for everything. I thought it was a great trip that had everything for chill to activities and no currency exchange or language barriers to deal with and only one connection to get there. We stayed 7 days and I wish we would have done 2 weeks

kinger 10-07-2011 8:37 AM

Did Bora Bora, its awesome place too get away and relax. We stayed @ the Pearl Beach Resort, great place. Couple things to make sure of:

1) Get an over water room, almost not worth going if you don't.
2) Prepay for your breakfast and Dinner, its crazy expensive if you don't and pay as you go.

Its one of those place s you have to go to once in your life.

guido 10-07-2011 10:48 AM

Pretty sure we're doing Kauai this year. I'm excited for that trip. It sounds awesome.

10-07-2011 11:17 AM

Looking forward (but not in a hurry:) to my next honeymoon, highlight of my short lived 1 yr marriage was our honeymoon lol

snowslider76 10-07-2011 11:34 AM

For sure hike to Hanakapiai (sp?) beach and bring your board the surf is sick! The undertoe is crazy it seriously worried me a little but there was a local out there tearing it up body surfing in like 8-10' footers dude was unreal. He didn't even come in to chill for like an hour. Your girl will have fun just kicking it on Hanakapiai, I was there in mid June not I'm not really sure when the surfing is best. Polihale is the beach you can drive on. Hanapepe is a good surf spot too, smaller waves 3-5' footers, its where most of the tourists go.

Best drink on the island is a lava flow, super girly but magical ha ha.

Watch out for the chickens they are everywhere!!

mc_x15 10-07-2011 12:51 PM

Guys thanks so much for all the info. Really helped me out. My original plan was to go to Hawaii, but after seeing pics of Bora Bora kinda forgot about it. And after Jasons review I may re visit going there.. That sounds perfect. Would be great to have jeep and jsut cruise around and see what we want for only the price of gas and the rental.

And Positano, Italy looks amazing. Ive been to Venice and loved it, also been to Santorini in Greece which really reminds me of the pics above.

Man so much to think about now. Keep em coming. All great ideas.

spf2275 10-07-2011 1:13 PM


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spf2275 10-07-2011 1:31 PM

I haven't been here yet but it's on my list.... Ponza & the Pontine Islands, Italy. Obviously I'm biased towards Italy since both of my recommendations are there. I remember when we vacationed in Maui and after a 12 hours flight (give or take) the first two things that I saw after leaving the airport were Costco and Mcdonalds. I'm sorry but if I'm traveling that far, I do not want to be in the US. I would rather fly 12 hours in the opposite direction and experience a completely different culture.

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snowslider76 10-07-2011 1:41 PM

Ya for sure check out Kauai it's legit, I've been to Hawaii too and it's night and day difference. Kinda like Havasu VS. a house boat trip to Powell, same basic environment but a 180 difference.

migs 10-07-2011 1:47 PM

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If youre not decided yet. Here are some great honeymoon options(& some pics):

Maui: The Fairmont Kea Lani - magical for a Honeymoon. Grandwailea is great - but too many kids.

spf2275 10-07-2011 2:08 PM

Four Seasons in Costa Rica is really nice too!

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migs 10-07-2011 2:11 PM

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St Tropez.- Need I say more:

migs 10-07-2011 2:28 PM

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Boracay Philippines:

migs 10-07-2011 2:39 PM

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El Nido, Plhilippines:

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