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wakeskatethis 10-05-2011 6:31 PM

R.I.P. Steve Jobs
life is short... health is wealth


diamonddad 10-05-2011 6:41 PM

He was brilliant/tenacious and worth billions. But, cancer does not care.

JJ 10-05-2011 7:34 PM

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”
— Steve Jobs

xistential 10-05-2011 10:39 PM

Incredible how some people come along and in their short lifetimes, quite literally change the world. There are millions of people who just never reach their potential. Or even try for that matter.

I read a survey of 2 completely different middle age groups of people.One lot very succesful, the other had led pretty basic,uneventful lives. The question to both groups was what do you regret the most and what would you change if you could do it again. Both groups reply was " they would take more risks".

As the saying goes "try and fail maybe but never fail to try"

Rip Steve.

behindtheboat 10-05-2011 11:16 PM

Did anyone watch that video?

trace 10-06-2011 9:30 AM


Anyone see this?

diamonddad 10-06-2011 10:15 AM

Regarding the two links above: humans suck.

fly135 10-06-2011 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by xistential (Post 1712488)
Incredible how some people come along and in their short lifetimes, quite literally change the world. There are millions of people who just never reach their potential. Or even try for that matter.

Maybe that's a good thing. Changing the world doesn't by default mean for the better. I don't mean this as a dig against Jobs. He certainly had extraordinary abilities and put them to use. But I question that the existence of Apple resulted in a net gain for the good of the world. It certainly was a huge force in modern computer technology.

There are many yardsticks for measuring for the good of mankind. But that is generally irrelevant to recognizing the significance of Jobs and his work. So +1 to RIP.

xistential 10-06-2011 12:05 PM

I get where you are coming from John. It's not all necessarily good but the fact that they have such extraordinary vision that leads to such significant changes in the world (good or bad) is monumental.

An example is Hitler,who for the monster he was, made the jews realize they had to have a homeland. Look what that has led to....

wakeboardingdad 10-06-2011 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by behindtheboat (Post 1712493)
Did anyone watch that video?

If only Alex Jones had an Ipad, he would not have to kill all the trees for the paper that he continually shuffles on his desk.

I was a late bloomer for the Iphone/pod/tunes. Steve Jobs was a visionary and would have probably made whatever he put his heart and soul to, great.

diamonddad 10-06-2011 11:10 PM

I work in the industry. An industry full of smart people. 10000s of super smart people. 1000s of brilliant people. And, oddly, Steve Jobs was an unmatched innovator. Leaps and bounds above the rest. A Mozart, a Monet, or an Einstien of consumer products. His talent should be celebrated.

jason_ssr 10-07-2011 9:00 AM

Ive always admired jobs, but I didnt think he was genius, or a visionary. Was it his smarts that created Apple? No, that was the Woz. He simply wanted to bring it to the people, and took the risk to do so. After he made his money, he continued to stick his neck out. Why? He could have just invested his money and lived a life few can even dream of achieving.

There are people with good ideas that arent necessarily genius. There are people with money that are happy with living a luxurious life without risk. There are very few who have good ideas AND the funding to easily take the risk without risking bankruptcy. Most billionaires are worried about their track record and public persona. They dont want any failure on record. Jobs did not care about failure, and subsequently had many. Anyone remember the Newton? Or Next? or the idea to keep Apple propriatary? He failed epicly on countless occasions. Most people with money like being rich and do not care to risk valuable dollars on longshots. IMO that is exactly what Jobs did. He did it because he could.

Throughout history humans did great things with the sole driving force being "because they could". the great pyramids... going to the moon, etc. Neither made financial sense. Today we have an understanding of how to do a great many things. Yest for the first time in human history we do not do them because of cost and risk. Jobs was the embodiment of the human spirit, who decided to do things because he could, regardless of cost or risk.

He didnt invent the touchscreen, or the cellphone, or the GUI. But he decided to put them together and make a device that cost 4-6X more than its competitors in hopes that people would pay the price for advancing technology. Like the Newton, there was no market for such a device, and it could have easily shared the Newton's fate... but he did it anyway.... because he could. THAT is what made him great.

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