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jac2001 10-04-2011 7:48 PM

Fresno riders
Need some people who are down to ride this winter. I mainly go on Saturday's. I have Tige 21i w/ tower and sac's.

let me know


Kingsriver 10-04-2011 8:11 PM

Where r u going? Looking at boats and have no clue about wake boats. Have sea ray now kids are wanting to surf and ride bigger waves. I want to learn to surf without them knowing. I am game to be a lame 3rd and buys some fuel. Looking at the 23 mb and Malibu
Tal 2852638

jac2001 10-04-2011 9:05 PM

Hi Tal,
Malibu's are great, friend has the VLX and wake is awesome! He said my wake for surfing is really good too. I've never been behind MB, but they look really nice. I am going to try and go this Saturday weather permitting, will board and surf, welcome to come and try it out. Always nice to bring someone that chips in gas!

Let me know


jac2001 10-06-2011 6:35 PM

oh, and I am down to be a third and throw in for gas too.


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