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jaybee 10-01-2011 2:46 PM

How do you keep your drive clean of unnecessary video clutter
So finally bought my gopro last week and took it out for a spin today. My question is, after shooting almost 1.5 hours the videos are almost 10gig @ 720 60fps, and if I do this a few times my Laptop drive will be clobbered with video, so how does everyone keep their drives clean? Do you delete all the video after the edit is done? Back it up externally? or do you just have a stupid big internal drive?

watson_134_lf 10-02-2011 1:16 PM


If you have a mac, buy this. ^^^

I have two 500 gig WD drives that I've maxed out (they have USB 2.0 connection ports). I learned from experience that firewire is definitely a lot faster than USB.

When you import your videos, import them straight to the external hard drive. Then, when you go to edit, leave all of the files on the external drive and save the video project to the drive. Video files on your Internal hard drive will eat it up in no time.

This drive is worth the money in the long run.

jaybee 10-10-2011 1:53 PM

Thats what I figured. Thank you for the response. :)

buffalow 10-17-2011 1:43 PM

Do what al said. I rock (3) 2TB internals and just upgraded to a 256 Gig SSD as primary drive. Than (2) 2 TB backup externals.

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