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wakeworld 09-27-2011 7:32 PM

HELP - My Kid's Parents Don't Have Jobs!!
My son came home from school with the latest fundraiser in his hand excited to sell some stuff and earn some prizes. However, since my wife and I work at home, we are not able to take his fundraiser to work with us and force everyone we work with to buy something! :) They don't let them go door-to-door anymore, so I usually just tell him that he can't participate.

However, this year they have an online option, so I promised him that I would take his fundraiser to Daddy's virtual office and see if I can drum up some sales for him. That's where you come in! :D

Please click on this link and check out the goodies he has for sale and order online if you're interested. He'd be pretty stoked to finally participate in one of these things and bring home one of those crappy prizes! Any help would be appreciated.

He's got until 10/16 to sell what he can. The items you can buy include...
  • Candy
  • Cookie Mix
  • Jewelry
  • Magazines
  • Candles
  • Gift wrap
  • Gifts
  • and More
Click on this link to order!

jerasu98 09-28-2011 6:07 PM

Really? Is that standard practice now, not letting kids go door to door. I remember going around selling candy and magazine subscriptions. Is it that unsafe out or are people just overcautious?

wakeworld 09-28-2011 6:22 PM

I think it depends on where you live, but it is kind of serving your kid up on a silver platter if he or she happens to run across some pedophile's house. As much as it sucks, that's the world we live in. They specifically tell you not to send your kids door-to-door in the instructions, but I'm going to see if I can accompany him to a few this weekend. He did just get back from a neighbor that we know well and he sold a few items, so he's off and running!

doug2 09-29-2011 10:27 PM

I just spent $50 bucks on candles, this ish better be legit...

Good cause, I'm in...

wakeworld 09-30-2011 8:43 AM

You're the man! I told him as he woke up this morning, so he started his day with a BIG smile!

sidekicknicholas 09-30-2011 9:00 AM

I'll show my mom tonight.... she can't say no to candy

wakeworld 09-30-2011 2:11 PM

Thanks Nick...they've got peanut brittle...yum!! :)

hatepain 09-30-2011 3:35 PM

Can I use my WW points? :) JK, I'll look it over.

FWIW, I genuinley hate this practice, where the parent brings their kids stuff into work to sell but I can see the point in this instance.

wakeworld 09-30-2011 3:54 PM

Oh, I hate too. They are basically leveraging the kids cute faces to sell product, which is bad enough. However, they are also getting the kids hopes up with these posters of horribly cheap prizes that they can earn if they only sell half a million pieces! :) On the other hand, it goes to pay for their school activities, so they do benefit. But don't feel obligated at all. I'm just throwing it out there in case somebody happens to be buying some of this stuff anyway.

boarditup 09-30-2011 4:36 PM

Our school does not let kids go door-to-door as well. I work from home and travel a lot, so selling the cheap stuff is not appropriate. My school took notice of the trend and gave a per-kid goal of what they would sell and what "profit" the school would take. I write the check and keep my kid's dignity.

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