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wakeboardingdad 09-26-2011 8:56 PM

Thinking of building a pergola. Anyone have any pics of yours?
We've been wanting to cover the patio for quite some time now, but due to some roof lines and expense, I think we have decided to build a pergola instead. Right now we plan to put in a ceiling fan, some lighting and maybe some kind of fabric covering stretched over the top. Anyone have any input or pics of theirs?

jeff_mn 09-27-2011 7:24 AM

If you're going to do a fabric over the top - you should consider doing something similar to a snap on boat cover. Easy on/off and won't fly off in the wind and if you get it tight enough - you will eliminate pooling when it rains.

Good luck. I built one once but have no insight. Was a plain jane pergola - 4 base posts, dozen cross beams, no lighting/fans/covers.

wakeworld 09-27-2011 1:51 PM

Have you considered shade sails? They are basically Sunbrella-type material that you stretch from pole to pole and you can do all kinds of shapes and colors. The biggest advantage is that they are really cheap compared to construction.

wakeboardingdad 09-27-2011 7:46 PM

I actually did see some shade sails. I see some on the way to work, but didn't know that is what they are called. Maybe that is an alternative for me.

Jeff, I have very little insight also. I can copy almost anything though. :) My only problem is that whenever I build something, it always, always costs more than planned or estimated.

jaegermaster 09-28-2011 7:25 AM

If you want some cool ideas check out http://scdcustompergolas.com/gallery/?categ_id=&page=4

I have seen their stuff at home shows and they make a really nice product with some cool designs. I think they even sell kits.

Pergolas are pretty easy to estimate materials. Just draw what you want with dimensions and do your take-offs from that. As long as you don't make any bad cuts you should be able to hit your estimated cost dead on.

denverd1 09-28-2011 10:06 AM

grab a book at lowe's or HD. More designs and concepts that you'll ever need. I'm liking some of the two toned wood ideas for deck/patio area. I'll cover part of it with a pergola and use climbing plants to cover it. Just did some shade tapestries for the sides and it turned out pretty nice.

wakeboardingdad 09-28-2011 7:11 PM

Jaeger - Great site! Lots of ideas! Thanks! For some reason, I didn't consider roofing one.

Nacho - You mean I can't get ideas for free from the internet!? :) Good advice. I'll check out their selection of books. Liking the ideas of the side shades.

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