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kristian 09-22-2011 2:04 PM

Charity Road Trip!
Hi Friends of Wakeworld!

To be brief: Myself and a few friends have started up a photo based website about viewing the world through peoples eyes and experiences. (ww.photofable.com) Its off to a great start, we have 77 countries so far.

But thats not why I'm here.
From the onset, one of our main goals was to try and provide as much charity we could, either by donating directly or stimulating economy.
Our first charity venture is an East Coast Road Trip.

For anyone who's interested: http://www.photofable.com/3/post/201...education.html

Get involved as little or as much as you'd like.

Rock On
English Kris

FYI: We're trying to build a new website at the moment, so if there's any suggestions as to what you would want, let us know.

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