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magic 09-22-2011 12:52 PM

Aftermarket Flip Down DVD Car Players
We picked up a used AWD Honda Element this week as a winter/snow/sports/dogpark/bike transport/roadtrip... mobile. Want to put a video system in it for the kiddo, thinking a roof mounted flip down DVD player.

Anyone have any feedback on aftermarket ones?
Thinking 10 to 15" size.
Likely want to leave the stock stereo alone, so a want a standalone unit.
IR Headphones
Built in DVD player

Don't want headrest mounted ones (I want to retain easy removal of the headrests to keep the various seating options). Not sure I want a separate DVD player connected to a flip down monitor either.

Have done some online shopping, seeing units from $200 to $700. Install looks easy enough I'd do it.

Anyone else done this?

sidekicknicholas 09-23-2011 6:44 AM

I know the guy across the street just did one in his Dodge Durango .... I can ask him what he got and if he likes/dislikes it.

magic 09-23-2011 8:42 AM

I took a look at a couple of local shop yesterday. Now I'm leaning towards replacement head rests with the systems built in. One shop has a Vizualogic system pre install for a killer price. The video quality on the Vizualogic was better than any other one's I looked at. Plus this gives me the ability to have two different videos playing or both playing off one source. That's be cool for the wife and little one to chill in the back for road trips. The aftermarket roof mounted deals seems clunky once I held a couple up in the car. They are so thick and I don't care about the build in dome light. I'm not sure there why there is not a product out there with a super slim mount screen and remote source. Kinda like an iPad sized screen (even twice the thickness would be great) that would be clean. There are roof mounted monitor options that require a separate source, but the monitors are still super thick.

Of course now I'm thinking why not a 20" monitor, new head unit, amps, speakers and an XBOX install would be cool... Not sure when I'd ever actually sit in the car to play XBOX, but it would be a cool set up. Since you can fold the front seats down to create a bed/lounge chair set up with the rear seats, gaming in there would work for sure.

magic 10-08-2011 7:32 PM

Ended up doing a 12.1" Audiovox flipdown, Hybrid-Audio speakers, deadbest mat, hardline aux in for the DVD, 5 channel amp, AudioControl LC6i deal... System came out pretty sweet. Other than the DVD player and sub adjust dial interior looks stock with the amp and AudioControl deal under interior pannels.

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