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ragboy 09-22-2011 12:09 AM

Tige Owners Reunion @ Lake Mead on Saturday
So we are definitely going to Lake Mead, the boat is on the trailer, we leave tomorrow. We should be at the location on Saturday around 10am. Looking forward to it.

I stopped by CMS today to have a couple of extra demo boards for you guys. I picked up a Sweet Spot Pro Quad (only 2 fins in it though) and a brand new Inland Flyboy.

So that means I will be bringing....

4.0 TWP JWSM for intermediate to advanced girls or kids up to 130 lbs or so.
4.2 Shredstixx Nano for like 8-14 in age or so. Light girls.
4.0 TWP Grom for small kids or light beginners especially. Also rips for light girls kids
4.10 Soulcraft Jetty really fun light board, one of RJ's favs, up to 200 lbs on our wake
4.8 Shredstixx Custom Elevation RJ's new board.
Inland Surfer Sweet Spot Pro
Inland Surfer Flyboy
LakeWakes 61" BigBoy board.

I think that's it. Is there anyone in the 250+ range? If so I also have a lakewakes door that can ride up to about 350 almost. Let me know, email me at robert - at - wake9 - dot - com by noon tomorrow and I will bring it. Otherwise I will leave at home.

Just posting here in case anyone else is in the area and wants to stop buy, don't have to be a Tige Owner!

timmyb 09-23-2011 8:14 AM

You're the man Robert! Wish I could be there to try some of those out. Have a safe drive and a fun weekend!

riding23 09-30-2011 7:58 AM

Wish i would of saw this earlier, I can't ever find anyone to ride at Lake Mead... How often do you come up?

ragboy 09-30-2011 10:26 AM

The reunion is every year, this is the first time I have made the trip. Its a LONG trip for me. I did it this year because I was able to hit worlds, and this, and also I wanted to road test my new F150 and a boat trailer upgrade. It was fun, but not sure I would do it again for just the reunion.

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