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ord27 09-15-2011 12:02 PM

meeting an NFL player
My 14 year old daughter and I need a bit of bonding time. Since she is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan, I am taking her to the Falcons V. Texans game in Houston this December. We will drive down from Arlington that Saturday. i would love to be able to have her meet Matt Ryan at some point that weekend. I know that is probably a long shot.

Do any of yall know the best stategy that would increase our chances of meeting him or another Falcons player?

09-15-2011 1:39 PM

Find out what hotel they're staying at and then stake out the lobby.

sidekicknicholas 09-15-2011 7:09 PM

If it was Big Ben I would know how to do it... kidding.

Since you've got some time maybe try and contact him/pr person. Worked for me and Joe Montana in his hey-day. Wrote a letter (before email) and he cam e through... Matty Ice seems like he is a class act.

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