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Tehanw215 09-09-2011 6:22 PM

sanger215 wave
struggling with wave concistancy on my 215. put 1200 in rear locker with front ballast full in floor 500#. Me and flagger in boat. Still wasn't happy. Seems like every time i go out the wave is different. Any suggestions Dennis? Still pretty new to sport, and realize it will take time to dial in. Running a 13x12 v l three blade prop.

dennish 09-10-2011 8:38 AM

I have been riding the last couple of days just about the same setup. My hard tanks are not working right now so I use 650# lead on floor in locker and fill up the rest of the locker with a sac. Can't be much more than you are running if not less. driver and flagger in boat and it is really good. Not sure what prop you are running and if that will make a difference. PM me and we can talk further.

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