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sidekicknicholas 09-09-2011 1:30 PM

I've been to a lot of games live/at the stadium - (most the Packers)... and last nights game was by far the best! SOOOO MANY PEOPLE IN GREEN BAY! IT was nuts.

The whole atmosphere of the NFL being back was AMAZING - on top of the fact it was at the best stadium in the league - not the biggest or most fancy.... but anyone who has been to Lambeau will know what I'm talking about. We had outdoor club seats that were great... sat be really awesome people which helps the whole vibe.

The concerts were great, the tailgating was great, fans and parties were great.... on top of an AMAZING GAME! It was great to see that much offense and have it come down to a play with :00 left on the clock!

Can't wait for the rest of this season - but for the first game after "the lockout" you couldn't ask for a better city to host it, two better teams to play, and better game between them!

Woot Woot!
Phone died before I could snag photos from the inside/tailgate scene


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