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misteve 09-09-2011 12:22 PM

Remembering 9/11/2001
What will you be doing, if anything this Sunday to remember 9/11/2001?

pesos 09-09-2011 5:29 PM

I'll be working my butt off all weekend.

It's definitely been an interesting time to live in lower Manhattan. First when Bin Laden was killed... now the anniversary. Was supposed to fly back to SF today for a bit but had to delay my flight till next week so I'll be around. My apt is 1.5 blocks from ground zero - as you can imagine it's been nuts here. Security is insane, as are the crowds and the super annoying loud music and demonstrations.

wakescene 09-10-2011 8:06 PM

Just gonna spend some time with the family. We're not gonna deviate to much from the regular routine. Having lived and watched the events unfold from across the hudson...not a day goes by that when I look at NYC I don't get flashbacks to what happened. It doesn't help that I see NYC every morning that I walk into work. I lost two friends that day as well as three neighbors in my building. Its not that I will never forget, but the fact that I can't.

wakeskatethis 09-10-2011 9:08 PM

I wake up to reality


wakeboardingdad 09-11-2011 7:27 AM

I woke up this AM, turned on the TV and found that I couldn't watch the family members remembering their loved ones. Too hurtful. I then switched over to A&E and watched the film put together, from raw footage, by the two brothers. It brought back a lot of memories of what we were doing just after and months after the attack.

wakereviews 09-12-2011 9:20 AM

the film by the two French brothers on CBS last night was very well done. You never get used to seeing the horror of 9/11

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