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scotthons 09-09-2011 8:27 AM

Toeside backroll?
I just got a backroll dialed in and would like to try a toeside backroll. Does anyone have any tips or a link to a video that might help? I think my toeside edge and jumps are decent and I heard that the toeside backroll is a pretty low impact invert to try. I thought I might give it a shot this weekend. Thanks in advance.

bzubke1 09-26-2011 9:17 PM

Try it with one hand first. By that I mean you should only have one hand on the handle your whole cut into the wake. Do some solid wake to wake jumps like this before you try the backroll, once you get the wake jumps down go for the backroll. I spent all summer trying this trick and never made any improvement, took a lesson and this is what the coach had me do and I landed it In about 5 trys. Oh and make sure to bring your knees up when you leave the wake. Good Luck

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