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motogod77 09-08-2011 5:16 PM

Sanger Waves
I have seen a couple 215 or 230 waves running on WW with decent waves, but has anybody ever dial in the 237XTZ? At 23 1/2 feet and 4200 lbs I would think it would have some potential. With the surf tabs and enough weight can this boat throw a v226 or Enzo wave? Lets see the pics and weight numbers!

dennish 09-08-2011 6:19 PM

I have used it for two contests. Great surfboat IMO. Same hull shape as the V215 longer and 9" more freeboard.

motogod77 09-09-2011 12:10 PM


dennish 09-10-2011 7:42 AM

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These pictures were the first attempt at wakesurfing a V237. One of the first boats made. I just took the same ballast I had in my V215 and put it in theV237. About 1250 in back and the front stock ballast full.

dennish 09-10-2011 7:51 AM

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Regular side new boat. Special swim deck and surf tabs.

ralph 09-11-2011 1:29 AM

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Sanger V210 wake just for comparison

taft 09-11-2011 3:24 AM

The 237 is a good boat. I have to say that with enough weight it can really put out a great wave. Unfortunately, I am not convinced it is in the same league as the best. I think it is close, but you need too much weight to get the desired effect. This might not be an issue for some, but for me once I ride the best wave on my boat I don't want anything less.

If I were to do things again with this boat, I would go with a bigger engine. I've got the 330 Black Scorpion and I've maxed it out. Even with the ACME 911 prop, I've reached the limitations of what that boat can do. I know it has more to give, but it just isn't possible as it is.

I think if you had this boat with a bigger engine, it could put out a pretty epic wave if you wanted to push it. The best wave I've made so far has been great, but I imagine Centurion or Tige boats put out a similar wave with less weight. So naturally I think their best wave will be better than what is possible in the Sanger.

But don't let that put you off. I love my boat. Of course there are things I wish were different with it, but I still have a hell of a time in it and behind it. I think everyone, if they're honest, could say this about their boats as well.

taft 09-11-2011 3:36 AM

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Here's some poorly taken pictures to give you an idea of the wave. I haven't really taken many pictures from the angle that gives the impression the wave is bigger than it actually is, so keep that in mind if the wave looks small.

ragboy 09-16-2011 7:21 PM

Here is a video I did way back in october of 2008 when the 237 first came out. This was the contest boat for the Castaic contest then. Only thing to add is that this was on Lake Castaic and it was pretty blown out, lots of wind. But you can see both sides of the wake on the 237. I think this was the full surf edition with the surf deck and the surf tabs, but Dennis will have to confirm that, I don't remember.


twelve02 09-19-2011 11:33 AM

I've been trying to get my V230 Surf wave really good and I'm so close, but not there yet. I would love some suggestions on what to do.

Here's the setup we had on Saturday afternoon at Castaic.

3 People in the boat - we were all riding regular

about 1200 lbs. in the rear port locker
about 700 lbs. on the port seat
about 700 lbs. in the walkway

1 person in the bow.

Here's the wake.


If that doesn't work, you can download the zip file here:


SangerTom 09-19-2011 1:08 PM

Darren/Ralph - I have Sanger V210 - your wake is alot cleaner than make....what are you doing? Sorry for the hi-jack on the thread

gunz 09-20-2011 4:18 PM

Ralph-please post more pics of hot chick,err I mean your wake.;)

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