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depswa 09-08-2011 1:31 PM

Recording TV Shows in 2011?
My roomate recently made some changes to reduce our DirecTV bill and I just found out we don't get FX anymore, so that means no more Sons of Anarchy!!!

If I were to have a friend DVR it at their place for me...is there a way to download the file from her DVR and watch it at my place? I remember using VCRs back in the day...but how the hell do I do something like that now id someone doesn't have a DVD-R?

My sister does have one of those slingbox things...I guess I could log in to her acct, but wouldn't it change the channel if she were home watching something and I logged in? LOL

ANy suggestions?

Riteride 09-08-2011 1:38 PM

You can just hook your TV up to your cumputer and watch it online....

depswa 09-08-2011 2:10 PM

Looks like they don't post episodes for like 30 days until after they air. I'm gonna try the sling box thing tonight,. Thanks though!

ttrigo 09-08-2011 2:58 PM

No soa or the league? Ouch. You might want to consider changing roomates! Haha.
Be patient and wait for it to go online.

puckinshat 09-08-2011 4:36 PM

My cousin finds pirated Entourage for me every sunday night after it airs and then puts it on a jump drive for me to plug into my BluRay player. The quality is usually 720p, so no complaints there. I think some DVRs also have USB ports on them, so you could rip directly from the DVR to a jump drive. Or, find the show on the internet somewhere, download to your comp, and then put on a jump drive.

09-08-2011 4:42 PM

I just use a website called sidereel for shows my cable doesn't get or netflix doesn't have, it will usually pop right after the show airs if not the next day plus theres no commercials. If you want to check it out http://www.sidereel.com/Sons_of_Anarchy

depswa 09-08-2011 4:52 PM

Train! I know! I was looking at FX's site and realized I won't get the League either! Def. time for a new roomate! j/k lol

Sidereels looks cool....I'll check it out.

I'll let you guys know how slingbox works too...crap...I'll just tell my sis ter to record everything I wanna watch and cancel my Directv...I already have a Macbook hooked up to our 46" LED for Netflix and music...so..I may not need Directv...but, then I guess my sister couldn't watch tv if I'm watching it all the time...lol

jason_ssr 09-09-2011 5:13 AM

since you are already set up, just snag the torrent after it airs.

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