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greg2 09-08-2011 4:01 AM

Montgomery, AL
Can anyone tell me about riding spots around Montgomery, AL?


TParke 09-08-2011 7:32 AM

Lake Martin

Luker 09-08-2011 9:27 AM

ALWake.com or Lakemartinwakeboarding.com

Or call Blue Creek Marina at lake martin. Me an the boys held it down for years there... I just moved south to sunny florida but Alex Graydon, Jeff Mathis, Ben Watts, and several others are still holding down the fort.

greg2 09-08-2011 10:20 AM

Is the river there in Montgomery ridable?

jroyal 09-08-2011 12:47 PM

The river has some heavy current at times and watch out for debris! I think some folks still ride on the river but I haven't been there in years. Lake Martin is a beautiful lake but is extremely busy on weekends. We live on Lake Jordan which is smaller lake with less traffic.

Luker 09-08-2011 2:01 PM

We always ride at the river during the winter. We put in at " The Marina" just down from the riverwalk. Water can get nasty but its usually fine... just pick your times. Don't go after major rain because of logs and such.

greg2 09-10-2011 9:06 AM

Thanks....There are a couple of job possibilites in different locations I'm looking at. I'll let you know if I'm headed that way in a couple of months.

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