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normrd 09-07-2011 3:02 PM

Backroll...close...want to land it this Friday
Feel i'm pretty close and want to land it this friday. Was hoping to get it last week but binding broke on an attempt and only got to try 3.

Any pointers to get me over the hump.

My driver was going too slow (pick up some lake weed) so wake was wider then normal here, the other attempts landing on the downslope but this one the rotation looked the best.


<iframe width="560" height="345" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mxuEQLc74U0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

cwb4me 09-07-2011 5:36 PM

Shorten the rope 8' and go the same speed.If you go faster the wake will get smaller.Also you don't need to get in that much of a seated position.This trick is all about edge and line tension.

ponder86 09-08-2011 2:26 PM

Come in with a TALL body position, progressive edge in and then really load the line in the trough, wait for the pop and then start your rotation.

rickdic 09-14-2011 7:43 PM

Hey dude - well I watched both attempts that you posted. While the crouched position isn't really necessary on the approach, since you're getting the proper take-off (in a tall position), I wouldn't change it. Also, while shortening the rope will indeed decrease the width of the wake, it also affects your approach speed. So again, I wouldn't change that either. In both your videos, you are letting go of the handle with your back hand and straightening out your body. You need to land with BOTH hands on the handle. In the first, where you come up a little short, both hands on the handle would give you a much more stable position to try to ride out the landing. In the second, where you clear the wake, you let go (and straightened-out) so early that you under-rotated and caught your edge.

So, keep both hands on the handle! This is how you control the rotation of the trick. By letting-out the handle, you'll slow your rotation and conversely, by pulling-in on the handle you'll speed up your rotation. Either way, landing with both hands will give you a much better chance at riding out the landing.

At first, you probably won't have the awareness of whether you're under-rotating or over-rotating. But, with both hands on the handle, the tendency is to over-rotate. This is probably better because the landings (crashes) aren't that hard, you simply skim out. Eventually, when you start to see the landing (the water), you can extend you legs to stop the rotation and 'touch down' on the water. BUT, keep both hands on the handle.

When you really get them dialed and go huge, you'll find yourself effortlessly controlling the rotation by using the handle.

Have fun & good luck!

chillinoj 09-15-2011 8:23 AM

I agree with Rick, two hands makes this trick so much easier. In the video above you obviously have the rotation, i think casing it on the second wake really surprised you, so you instinctively let go ... Really your cut should be nice and progressive like any wake to wake jump you do then as you get the pop from the wake touch your ear to your shoulder. I like to think about extending the curl of the wake with my board that helped me get over the mental part of this trick. But you have the trick, so just charge harder and hang on and you'll have it no problem. Hope this helps.

Tino3 06-10-2012 5:41 AM

When approaching the wake don't be in a seated position. To load the line have your legs straight and belly up and as soon as you hit the wake rotate your shoulders to your left and really look for the sky. If you hit all this this trick will throw itself

jperkinsttu 06-11-2012 7:40 PM

Not to rain on your parade but hopefully he's figured it out by now, that was back last year. No worries I catch myself trying to answer old threads too haha.

Tino3 06-11-2012 8:15 PM

Ouch... Yeah I wasn't really looking for a date just saw as a top listed post and clicked on it and figured I could help. Well if he didn't get he knows what to do now

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