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22vdrive 09-07-2011 1:04 PM

Go Pro View
I mounted a Go Pro to my SS, enjoy!



johnboyy7 09-07-2011 2:04 PM

i recognize that river and boat. hows the wave?

22vdrive 09-07-2011 2:21 PM

John the wave has gotten much better thanks to your help. I had it sacked out with four of the five sacks its massive and tons of fun when are you going to come ride again? Lez and I have been doing more wakesurfing than wakeboarding we stayed out there all day yesterday by ourselves hitting that wave!

SangerTom 09-07-2011 2:41 PM

The go pro is on my list for next season. wake looks awesome

tonyv420 09-15-2011 3:12 PM


wotan 09-23-2011 8:47 AM

Did you use the circular GoPro surf mount or did you drill it?

22vdrive 09-25-2011 9:27 AM

I used the smaller sticky mount not the round one that comes with the surf hero. I also used multiple black mounts to make the camera higher than normal, I did this so you can see the whole body rather than just the waist down.

surffresh 09-26-2011 6:04 AM

glad to see you are still riding the board that I sent ya !

22vdrive 09-27-2011 12:58 PM

@surffresh I have to say I didn't like the board at first but know that I've learned to ride it I absolutely love it. Do you have any new boards that your willing to part with? Any Flyboy's? If so I'm interested.

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