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madden 09-07-2011 4:44 AM

Boating apps!

Do you know any good gps nav apps for my boating trips?

suggestion appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

moto817 09-07-2011 7:46 PM

Funny u posted this because this past weekend I had to use google maps on my android at the delta when I was traveling unknown terratory =-) If you get service then u should be able to bring up GPS to see where you are... Google maps works great

hunter660 09-07-2011 7:51 PM


augie_09 09-07-2011 7:57 PM

iphone + inavx + navionics hot maps on xtraverse is perfect

madden 11-22-2011 3:14 AM

Checking for few gps based app, thanks for your suggestions!

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