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hyperlite_boards 09-06-2011 9:01 PM

Hyperlite Warranty (Bindings)
I got a pair of atlas bindings at the beginning of the summer and they were new, and my last ride was yesterday and they ended up busting on me. The lace came off after a hard fall and sunk to the bottom i wanted to know if they would have a warranty because i got them new less than a year ago (even though they are an older model). I had a problem with my 07 murrays with the boa system talked to a rep sent them in and never got anything back not even the old bindings so if things dont go smoothly this time around i think i might just switch over to ronix next year because i will be in the market for new gear and i hear their customer service is the ****s.

ponder86 09-07-2011 9:51 AM

Warranty is 1 year on bindings from when they are purchased. Did you get them from a shop?

hyperlite_boards 09-07-2011 12:56 PM

no ebay...guessing theres nothing they can do about it then

ponder86 09-07-2011 1:31 PM

No, but if you have a local shop that sells Hyperltie take it to them and they can do it for you as long as you have a proof of purchase of when you bought them.

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