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slaysher 09-06-2011 12:52 PM

::: LA wakeboarding ::: ???

I'm 29 just recently moved to LA (Sherman Oaks) from Seattle and was looking for a place to go / be a third here in LA.

i've been dying to go wakeskate / wakeboard and been looking around the area at the Encino / Hollywood / Silverlake reservoirs and a few lakes outside LA. . . but don't know anything about them.

hit me up or text me if you're looking for a 3rd, I'll bring gas $$

thanks guys

- Jordan Ballard


stoked_32 09-06-2011 3:08 PM

Hey jordan, welsome to socal. I'm actually from washington myself. Spokompton.. what's your schedule like? You got weekdays free? If you want to ride here, you gotta wake up super early and drive really far. Unless you have weekdays free... In that case, you gotta wake up just as early and drive just as far lol... (5am & ~1-2 hours) but at least you'll have easier time finding pulls.

slaysher 09-07-2011 11:43 PM

yeah i've been to Spokanistan a few times :) have a few friends there

my weeks are pretty busy with the new job ...but weekends are open . where do you usually ride ?

stoked_32 09-08-2011 7:59 AM

Umm.. all of them lol. Check out my profile and I list all the lakes. I normally get out there around 2-3 times a week, and have been bumming rides off this forum for the better part of 4 years now. Hopefully someone will pop up and give ya a pull. If not, I'll hit ya up if we ever need a third. Sorry I can't do more, it's just tough cause the window of good water is only a few hours and also its never my boat : (

stoked_32 09-08-2011 8:08 AM

Try this guy steve, he posts like once a month and I think I rode with him once a long time ago. Nice dude. He doesn't receive texts. I believe he rolls with a SAN 210.


Now for weekday riding, there's no one that tries to ride more consistently in LA than my buddy rich. I'd recommend taking a sick/vaca day. Super nice guy, who loves to ride, and is always looking for new riders for inspiration. Doesn't ride weekends though. Loaded Malibu LSV


Hit them both up and let em know you found them on ww. Again, sorry i can't help ya out more. Those are the only 2 people I know that are kinda looking for more people right now. Otherwise go hit up desert wake! Talk to my buddy Derry, he might be able to hook you up with someone who can give ya a pull.


stoked_32 09-08-2011 8:46 AM

Oh, the last thing you can try is these guys.


They are constantly sending out emails that they're going riding. I've never gone with them, but they seem to go consistently and are pretty organized. Only thing is I think they ride a yamaha ar230? Which isn't bad if you're just trying to get out there and ride (and I understand we should be grateful to even get a pull); just thought it was worth mentioning.

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