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Prozachj 09-06-2011 7:55 AM

In Bay Area till Sept 24, looking for a ride.
Hey Wakeworld.

I'm a rider from Houston and event coordinator with the Gulf Coast Wakeboarding Association. I'm in San Jose for business until Sept. 24 and will be missing our yearly fall event :(

I was hoping to find a ride with somebody local over the next couple weekends. A lot of Houston riders told me about The Delta and I'd love to see what bay area wake boarding is all about. I couldn't bring my gear so hopefully someone won't mind me borrowing a board.

Will definitely throw down for gas.

I'm staying near the airport and using public transit so hopefully someone is close enough I can catch the light rail or bus to meet.


tuffenuff 09-08-2011 6:02 PM

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I need a coach for my 19 yr. old son and U need a ride on the Delta. Someting U might be interested in?

Prozachj 09-08-2011 6:43 PM

What level is your son at? I've only been riding for 2 years and am just starting to land 360 and tantrum. I'd love to ride behind a grr though, it's the boat I learned on :)

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