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joeshmoe 09-05-2011 9:47 AM

2005 VLX stock w/piggieback
We were on the Griggs reservoir in Columbus, Oh got the 2005 VLX this year and had trouble getting wake to wake on my old wakeboard but once I got my new to me Ronix one, I have no problem going wake to wake heelside, here is the surf pretty much stock w/piggyback and a couple hundred lbs sacks under the seats, with 3 people in the boat, it gets bigger when there are more people are in the boat.

Woody 09-05-2011 11:31 AM

Looks good.......a lot better than my buddys X-Star wake.

joeshmoe 09-05-2011 2:36 PM

It would be really good if the swim platform didn't cut the wake, maybe l could get an old swim platform and cut it down?

blwnz 09-22-2011 8:03 AM

what color is your VLX we wakeboard and surf there alot

joeshmoe 09-22-2011 4:26 PM

Blwnz, I live on lake erie and ride on the huron river. My son lives down in Columbus, but hurt his foot last summer so only made it down once. It is a 2005 blue, black and white VLX. two summers ago I drove down to Columbus because it was raining up here, that was a good day!

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