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lyle 08-31-2011 8:06 AM

Help with tootsie landing (vid)
Hey guys, I feel like I am right at the verge of sticking this trick, but could use a little help. I feel like I am doing the basic mechanics right, just over-rotating the flip.. I know the first thing to try would be to tone it down, Ive tried that, its harder for me to get my rotation if I do that. I am going to try to take it a little more up next time, rather than out. Just looking for any pointers from folks who have landed it. Another thing I think I am going to do next time I am out is practice just landing switch like that w2w.. To try to get a little more comfortable with that landing.

here are a couple attempts from yesterday, sorry there is no slo mo.. Bump it up to 720 to get a clearer vid .. Thanks




alanp 09-02-2011 8:22 AM

hey bro when i stop the video at the 6 second mark you are still looking forward down the line. when i was learning these, at this point i would be looking away over my trailing shoulder. i allows you to spot the landing and initiate the spin quicker thus spinning the 180 easier. i dont think tsbs 180s are required but i am also very comfortable doing those as well.

lyle 09-02-2011 4:33 PM

Thanks for the input man.. I remember watching your vids when you were trying these! This was the second time I tried these.. I am going to try to do some tramp work to get my air awareness a little better, so I can make myself look for the boat. Think that should help me get the rest of the 180 I need to finish the trick.. Do you think I am over rotating my front roll? Or do you think that if I fix the spin it should all be good,,,,

alanp 09-04-2011 10:55 AM

i dont think youre overrotating the frontroll at all. im actually a little jealous of how easily you get around haha. i practiced these alot on the tramp to help my awareness. i dont know that i wouldve ever stuck one if i hadnt. the rotation is just weird to me. im currently overseas and dont have access to "the book" but im pretty sure they also mention looking away. i think once you complete the 180 youll be in good shape to ride away with your weight against the line. good luck man. youre alot closer than i was after a couple tries.

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