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nmg73 08-30-2011 12:59 PM

Need a Ronix comparison
So i am wanting some personal opinions between the 2010-11 Ibex and 2010-11 Mana. I have ridden the Ibex and really liked it, but i could possibly get a great deal on a Mana, wich i have not ridden and just curious if anyone has spent time on both and what you thought. I know they are both 3 stage boards, but looks like the Mana is alot more aggresive. I have no place to demo boards around here, so any help/info would be greatly appreciated.


gotwake133 08-30-2011 8:30 PM

Well I have not spent any time on the Ibex, but I have on the mana. It was a really fun board, super fast, great pop, and pretty sort landings. I did take the center fin out and it made a huge difference, much better. All around great board if you like something fast with great pop!

nmg73 08-31-2011 9:53 AM

I like the way the Ibex felt locked in, i had a Viva and it was a fun board, but was a little faster and looser than i was wanting. That's why was curious about the Mana and how it rode. Thanks alot for the input!

wakebordr11 09-01-2011 6:05 AM

The Mana is a great board, a lot of pop if you load it up and do everything right. I found it too loose for my liking without the center fins and that's usually the first thing I do getting a board. It's very forgiving in my opinion, good speed, decent rough water ride, and it rides a small wake real well too. I love it, I went from an original premier to a lf substance to an original Mana, broke a few of the originals, tried a viva half a season, back to the orig Mana to now this board, this is by far the best board I've ridden...

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