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bushtree 08-30-2011 11:18 AM

Hyperlite Era ?
Hi All,

Does anyone have any information they can share on the Hyperlite Era board? More specifically the 2009 model 137cm.

You seem to be able to get some leftover 2009 models for pretty cheap right now, thats why I am asking. I think its time to upgrade, as I am still riding a 2005 LiquidForce Litmus 136.

I would consider myself an intermediate rider.

Sorry for starting a thread on this but I can't seem to search for the term "ERA" as it is too short of a word for the search feature to accept. :/

alanp 08-30-2011 1:29 PM

this is a great board i rode one for many many years. the rocker is a hybrid type. it holds and edge well but you arent locked onto the water either. i like the speed on the water the board rides at(not too slow and not super quick). the rocker line is aggressive enough to boot you well and the pop is consistent. if someone in your crew has a ronix one its the modern day version of that board and it will give you an idea of how it rides.

behindtheboat 08-30-2011 10:46 PM

Interesting, as a few years ago I moved from the Litmus 136 (loved that board) to the ERA 137. They are totally different boards, rocker, the way they ride on the water, a lot. I did not like it, however it may have just not been for me. The Litmus is a loose, easy and forgiving board, where the ERA was slightly more locked in, and was trickier to figure out the pop off the wake than the Litmus, but once figured out it got a little more air, at least straight up helped by the rocker. I didn't really give it a chance, and have since moved on to other 3 stage as well as continuous. If it's cheap enough, I'd give it a try out. Or look for a Premier, that may give a bit more of a feel similar to the Litmus.

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