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ericnel 08-30-2011 4:07 AM

Lake Wakes Boards
I just got my new 2012 Lake Wakes 55 wide the other day. I have to say it is the best board that I have riden. It is light feels very durable and fast in the water. You can chace the boat at high speeds and carve the wave or you can slow the boat down and do 360 and other surface tricks. If you are in the market for a new board give Lake Wakes a good look.


skippabcool 08-30-2011 7:27 AM

I agree Eric, it is a great board that I would recommend. I am just beginning but can't wait to take full advantage of the board. I got two different fin styles with mine as well to make it even a more versatile board. I got a chance to try my new LakeWakes 55" wide last Saturday. I was on a Scout trip so I did not have a lot of time to test it, let the boys have fun. I am not an expert just starting, been out 6 times. I have a Hyperlite Broadcast 5'6" that I can ride ropeless on. This was such a good deal I could not pass it up. I have two sets of fins, they are a Future Vector II FSG1 415 and Future Scimitar 451. I used the Future Vector II FSG1 415 fins today and wanted to try the others but did not have a chance. This is behind a 22 Ve Tige and I have the 1100# custom sac. We have the SpeedSet set at 11.4 mph and taps at 4-5 depending on what it looks like. This weekend there were only one adult, driver, and three smaller kids on the boat. Not much extra ballast. Typically we have several adults and kids in the corner. For reference we were going 11.4 mph, may be a tad fast for learning on this, and the water was choppy. I am 6' and 230#. I have gotten fairly good on the Broadcast. This new board has a different feel so I will need to get used to it.

Here are some pics and a link to some videos video:
Lakewakes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSvnt_NVtHo
Three weeks ago, first time ropeless - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4UcieLN1Ok
Two weeks ago - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBGpPHaH2b4

Comparison of the two boards:

ragboy 09-01-2011 1:02 AM

We just got a new 61" board in, looking forward to test it out on Friday.

skippabcool 09-10-2011 2:53 PM

I finally had good water and a bunch of time today to thoroughly test my Lakewakes 55" wide. What an awesome board! I am just a beginner but I was able to carve the wake. I did not think I was going to be able to get wireless but I was able to and I was stoked. Unfortunately, I don't have any videos since it was just a couple of us. I had a blast on it. I can't wait to get more time on it to keep improving. I definitely would recommend this board to anyone looking. Thanks Lakewakes!

skippabcool 09-24-2011 11:17 PM

Here are a couple of videos. I do have some new information as well, Lakewakes is going to start using a dealer in about a month. When they do that the cost is going to go up, so if you are interested you may want to consider getting one now. Everyone that has tried my board likes it.

First video is me. This is on a boat that I have never been behind before and the wave is different than mine. Who would've thought that would make a difference.


These next two are of a guy that is a lot better than me and can show more what the board is like.

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