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Fiveflat 08-29-2011 8:57 AM

What does bi-level mean and what are the advantages?
Just started Wakeskating late this year since it's too much trouble to weight my boat for surf in between board sets for my son and nephew. I got a Hyperlite Catalyst 43" board now and looking for something new and probably smaller. (6'1" 200lbs) Trying to understand construction and differences between bi-level and regular. Do I want a simple wood board like the Catalyst? Or foam core glassed boards?
I know there are tons of threads about which board should I get, I've read through those, but I'm trying to understand construction and pros and cons to differences.


Fiveflat 08-29-2011 9:53 AM

I just google imaged bi level skates... didn't expect what I found. Never seen one like that in person. Seems to me they would make it easier to catch an edge? I don't know though, obviously.

denverd1 08-30-2011 2:40 PM

gives you the rounded base of a wakeboard for the wet surface and the flat deck of a skate with kick tails for your stompers up top. Also doubles the price in most cases and makes it really heavy.

Personally I'm done with wood boards from the major makers. They simply aren't using the right materials and refuse to warranty them. So catalyst is out. If you want wood, go Oak, New, etc.

Fiveflat 08-30-2011 2:57 PM

I'm giving Maher a shot. I've seen him around INT a bunch the last couple years and he's boasted that none of his boards have broke yet. Hell, I can't do any trick that can break one anyway and at the price of an Integrity (if there is even one available for purchase), I can have 3 Maherwake skates.

It's a learning process, I'm down for it.

yeahhh 09-22-2011 1:01 PM

SHELDON, the theory behind the bilevel skate is the same of a snowskate with a ski on the bottom vs a plastic deck that lies right on the snow. Instead of sinking your back foot into the water top pop the board out, as you snap your ollie the top deck snaps off the bottom and you pop off the water, instead of sinking down into the water. whether this really works is all personal pref. i've ridden many bilevels and i am now back to a flat deck, if you go with a bilevel get an OBSCURA SST. they are the best in my opinion, the ronix zariel is sick as well.

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