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ilikebeaverandboats 08-24-2011 11:36 PM

Nalgene users...check it out!
Or cammel back or anything else with a 35mm cap. How cool is this!? I got it in the mail yesterday and let it charge up in the sun all today (solar cap). Had to share.

My bottle is glow in the dark too...so its extra cool hahaha.


check this out too. Not the greatest photos but i think they look sweet. Took them with a gopro on my head

jarrod 08-25-2011 8:53 AM

Cool. Can I get one at REI?

ilikebeaverandboats 08-25-2011 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by jarrod (Post 1704179)
Cool. Can I get one at REI?

Nope, for whatever reason REI doesnt stock the glow in the dark Nalgenes and no stores ive been too stock the LightCaps. They should though cause I think these are sweet! I found the Glow bottles in New York at Eastern Mountain sports and at a few small outdoors stores.
I ordered the cap from amazon, "SolLight LightCap 200" it was about 30 bones.

Only thing I dont like is that it doesnt have a leash to clip it to something, but im gonna rig one up out of some accessory cord and see how it goes!
Ive heard the solar isnt super efficient, so far ive been impressed, if it ends up sucking i plan on replacing the rechardable AAA Nicads with some Lithium batteries and just bypassing the solar.

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