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joeshmoe 08-24-2011 6:31 PM

Anyone ride a 2007 Shuan Murray board?
So, How good is it? Does hyperlite make a better one? There's one on craigs pretty close to me, what do you think?

d_h_wake 08-24-2011 10:48 PM

I used to own that same setup except the 133! Super sick set up tons of pop really loose when you remove the fins, but I have switched to ride the Byerly assault over the past two years, and by far you can feel a difference in pop its got way more kick to it and its way more solid in the water with the moulded in plastic .75" fins which i found helps alot for any trick.

I hoped this advice helped

thescott 08-25-2011 8:17 AM

I know nothing about that board, but IMO $250 for a used 07 setup is too much. Shop around first on the closeout sections of all the online wake shops. Bet you could find a new 2010 s/u for about that, maybe just a little more.

joeshmoe 08-25-2011 7:13 PM

Scott, the board doesn't even look used for one day, but it is a continuous rocker with tons of rocker on it, I viewed the 2007 murray video and it doesn't look like he is getting much pop with his board and now his 2012 board does look like a three stager.
I have also tried a 2009 Watson and that board had tons of pop and is a great board, but they changed the design on the newer models and I would have to test them because they might be worse(Watson told someone that he liked the older board better), but I have also seen the 2011 Watson classic on sale for $200, If that is the same board as the 2009, that would be a good one, Does anyone know?
Ok, I went with a 46 Ronix One(the all white one) and could not be happier with my decision, great pop, every board company says how great their boards are but Ronix is for real!

superair502 08-25-2011 8:02 PM

Honestly that is the worst board that I have ever rode...it had waaaaaay too much rocker and dragged through the water sooo bad it felt like u were getting up the entire time u were riding. Didn't even get that much pop I rode it like 4 times and threw it in the shed. I had a couple friends ride it and they all hated it too. U can have mine for 75 bucks if you feel you reaaaaallly want one but I'm telling u it sucks.

joeshmoe 08-28-2011 12:56 PM

yes Mason I really can't believe Murray ever rode that board, I was just looking for a good board and that is not one of them

jasonmurray12 08-28-2011 1:30 PM

i got mine in 2008 for $170, board only. brand new.

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