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poser007 08-24-2011 5:01 PM

No more farting in Afghanistan for our Marines
Im not even going to write anything about this. Im just going to post it while I wait for my heart to stop racing....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


phantom5815 08-24-2011 5:55 PM

I agree.... I fail to see the humor in letting on rip ( audibly) in public. That's what it's about.

durty_curt 08-24-2011 6:09 PM

Something doesn't smell right about this ban. The comments/ replies on the link are pretty funny. Oh yeah don't comment about the hottie that just walked by. As that is also offensive in their culture, good thing there aren't any hot Afghan girls!

smitty1258 08-24-2011 8:45 PM

yup lets not upset the people that wipe there ass with there own hand.....

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