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tampawake 08-24-2011 2:27 PM

comp vest for tall guy?
Just got an A10 and its just a bit short. Any suggestions on a floaty comp vest for a guy thats 6ft 1. I don't want a pull over side entry preferred.

ndh2o 08-24-2011 2:33 PM

I like the JetPilot Chris O vest. I'm about 6'2" and it fits me great. Feels like a pullover, but front zip with one buckle. It kkeeps it from rolling up as bad on falls (biggest complaint about pullovers).

kristian 08-24-2011 5:27 PM

What Cary said. Chris O vest is great for the long in the body. I have one and love it.

flydenrict 08-25-2011 8:22 AM

That one does look pretty good. I'm 6'1 and ride a helium. Its long enough and just reaches my boardhsorts

Prestoooooo 08-25-2011 11:23 AM

watson comp is super long.

chasemac 08-28-2011 3:05 PM

2nd on the watson comp... pretty floaty, very moveable, and pretty long... I'm 6'2", and it hits my board shorts :)

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