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Reez 08-24-2011 8:09 AM

wake to wake BS 180- 360 help
Every time I try to take anything blind a little bigger I tend to lose control in the air . I am waiting to spin before the pop but cant maintain a consitent axis. I have noticed alot of people pass the handle alot lower (down by the knees). Does this help maintain axis? Any light you could shed would be appreciated.

flydenrict 08-24-2011 8:35 AM

As i read the title of the post I was going to ask you where you pass the handle. From my experience, passing it down by my knees helps a TON. I dont konw the physics of it, hopefully somebody else will chime in. Also, generally speaking, the axis on which you spin is directly related to your weight distibution as you take off. Try maininting more even distribution on your front and back feet and that should help your axis

Reez 08-24-2011 8:38 AM

Thanks Jeff,
I will give this a go this weekend. I am psyched.

andy_nintzel 08-24-2011 9:54 AM

Passing down by your knees make the pass shorter, hence easier. This really helps when taking a bs 360 to bs 540. My experience I would bet that when you are trying to take the trick bigger your are having trouble with the line tension. Fighting the line tension will pull you off axis the wrong way. I would suggest taking a longer, bigger approach. This will allow your to maintain less line tension, get the speed you need to take it bigger. A lot of BS spinning has to do with body position at the wake, you want to be standing tall to manage the line tension. A longer approach will allow you to get the speed to take in into the flats with having your compromise your body position.

Jeff Makes som e great points about weight distribution. For me spinning backside I am fairly even footed. Also, really focus on bringing the trick up and the wake opposed to out. the increased speed on the approach will want to send you farther into the flats, you need to use that energy to send you up as well.

Hope this makes sense.

Reez 08-24-2011 10:07 AM

Thanks andy. Makes alot of sense. I really appreciate the insight.

Andy_Elliott 08-24-2011 12:38 PM

whenever i do a bs 180 the only thing i think about is passing the handle like right when i land. once you get the 180 the 3 will be easy.

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