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jbcarpenter 08-23-2011 2:32 PM

Cable board?
Any suggestions for a cableboard that rocks? Im looking for a fast board with lots of grip with built in fins, that works well on sliders too? I want the built in fins for extra grip and I still want them to work on nose/tailslides without getting hookups. Not into the whole flex board thing. Any suggestions?

jealous_soul 08-23-2011 4:34 PM

ctrl RX.

snoopy1173 08-23-2011 6:06 PM

LF Witness Grind, LF PS3 Grind, LF Rogue Grind, LF Harley Grind, Hyperlite Clash, Hyperlite ??Process?? Nick Davies pro model, Ronix sintered base boards etc..... there are so many solid traditional boards with grind bases for sliders with molded in fins

08-23-2011 6:12 PM

Watson hybrid, ronix pheonix although its a flex

waketx05 08-24-2011 12:14 AM

The rx is a rad choice but still has no grind base. Go with a LF witness grind or if you wait a lil bit. The 2012 LF Tex is Tom Fooshees new board and it should be sick from the hype that I'm hearing. Basically a better witness.

waketx05 08-24-2011 5:15 PM

The Harley Grind, Clash, Process, and all Ronix sintered boards all have removable fins also.

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