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ldr 08-22-2011 12:57 PM

Fresno Borrow board?
Hey guys,

I've got an old 89 sunsetter which i know doesn't produce the best wakesurfing wave but i'd like to give it a shot. problem is i don't want to invest in a board without trying it behind my boat to see if it something my wife and i would like to do. I have wakesurfed before but that was behind and original x star (205v) with a hyperlite landlock. If anyone has a board they'd be willing to loan out to a newbie i would greatly appreciate it.

Or maybe a lead on a good inexpensive board that would be good for all levels.

P.S. I'm 5'10" , 215

ragboy 08-22-2011 1:36 PM

I have a couple of demo boards, not the best boards, but better than stuff like CWB ride, etc. You would have to pay to ship it, or come get it, and then get it back in good condition.

ldr 08-22-2011 2:13 PM


Thanks for the offer, I was hoping to find someone local but if nothing turns up I'll give you a ring for sure.

If I were looking for a starter board what would you suggest?

ragboy 08-22-2011 3:34 PM

Well, stay away from the CWB, LF and HL boards. So far everything I have seen from them is SLOW. I haven't seen the new LF stuff, so not so sure there. The Walker Project, Shredstixx, Inland Surfer, Soulcraft Boards, Lakewakes boards, Phase 5, Calibrated are all boards we have tried out behind our boat and work well. Other than the inland surfer sweetspot, we haven't really tried any of the new IS boards, but they have the Squirt and the Mucus which are supposed to be good for beginners. Many beginners like the Lakewakes boards, because they are constructed well and Mark is selling at really good prices. Many of these boards are $600-$800 dollars and tough for a beginner to get started on.

A good phone call is to Mitch at CalMarineSports.com since they carry most of these boards and he has done a very good job of matching people to the right board. Mitch was with us when we did our big demo events, and when you do those, you get a good feel for what works for various people.

I don't think CMS carries lakewakes, but you can hit them on the web. Good luck and post pics of the new board and wake.

JasonDJ 08-23-2011 1:08 PM

Hi Matt,

I live in Fresno (actually Sanger near quail lakes) and I have an older Shred Stixx Chase Hazen board that you can borrow to test it out. It is set up as a twin currently but I have other fins which will allow you to ride it as a Thruster and as a Quad. Thruster setup is the most stable...if you can ride it as a thruster fine then remove the middle fin and ride it as a twin which will loosen it up.

Just give me a call at 559-260-8221. I work near Woodward Park (Fresno St and Friant) so I can bring it to work if that location works out better for you.

- Jason

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