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rsbminn 08-22-2011 10:44 AM

Help with FS pop shuvit
For 2 summers I have been trying to land the FS pop shuvit. Almost always i can land on the board, but it usually shoots out or my feet are to close together and I fall. I ride behind a jetski with a 50 foot rope. I'm gettin really frustrated, cause it sounds like people land them so easily. Any suggestions and tips would be appreciated.

wakemitch 08-22-2011 8:32 PM

Frontside shuvits are a bit more tricky than backside shuvs. I pop it with my whole back foot as opposed to just the ball of my foot like with a backside shuv. I tend to focus on the spin because front shuvs tend to pop up really high for me without trying. The hardest part is the landing. Even after doing these for years I tend to land with my feet almost hanging off the board about 50% of the time, but luckily i can still ride them out.

I'm not sure if you are already doing backside shuvs, but if you arent you should learn backside first. Just scoop your back foot back and towards your front heel and it will come right around and is easy to spot.

rsbminn 08-24-2011 4:43 PM

No I've always stuck to frontside shuvs. Ive tried the backside shuv a few times but it seems to just not spin. But I think I'll just change my plans and go for the backside shuvit first. Looking around on forums and from what you said makes the backside shuv seem easier. So any tips on the backside shuv?

WssLife 06-16-2012 2:31 PM

BS shuvs are almost identical to BS shuvs on a skateboard, my biggest advice is to make sure you are doing the motion with your back foot and not doing a complete scissor kick motion, also make sure you are popping down and then scooping out (board wont spin very well if its still 100% on the water)

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