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kitewake 08-20-2011 11:28 PM

Delta Weekday Sessions...
I need more time on the water! This once a week thing is not cutting it.

If anyone is interested in weekday early a.m. (7:00 or earlier), or late pm (4:00 or later) sessions around the Disco Bay area, look me up. Your boat or mine...

I live near Clipper Bay in Disco, and have a Sanger V210 on a hoist on Clipper...(though it is out of commission for a few weeks...)

Also...if you are interested in getting some photos...I am a decent shooter..and can bring my gear.

Look me up. Call (or text if you must) - 925-858-2390

-Brant W

rmartin 08-27-2011 1:21 PM

Hey Brant, I just moved to disco this year and have yet to find a solid crew to ride with. I'm usually open for weekdays so feel free to give me a call whenever you're looking to get out. I have a reinell that's fun to skate behind or yours if you want a real wake. As always I'm good for gas, driving, and cleanup. Most of my friends are on weekends right now too, so finding a third shouldn't be a problem. Thanks in advance. Robert (408)607-3511

dellagucci 08-29-2011 9:08 AM

Brant im always down for weekday riding!

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